Handle saddle

Not the sexiest saddle but very interesting idea.
I see the issue to mount the 36er because of the groin support.
I guess the banana shape of typical saddles are there for control and to keep us for sliding forward, but it makes much pressure some areas.
Hence the flat saddles, and digged in the center foams.

The issue is, the pressure you have less here, you have more there.
And like JimT said on his link, it forces you to put more forces on the handlebar to stay in place.
Do you feel the void of the removed part Terry?

I can ride hands-free with no problem. You just have to tilt the front of the saddle up so the back portion is tilted down enough so you won’t slide forward.

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I prefer an outboard brake, so I would go for a KH frame. Personal preference.

Keep us posted!!

Thats good to hear as i plan to pick one of these up for MUni and i alot of the time give my hands/arms a break on the flats. Its the same with my fusion one, as long as i have it tilted slightly back at the recommended MUni angle i ride hands free no problem

Handle saddle mod

I’m not able to resize th images so this is a FB link to my triathlon handle saddle mod https://m.facebook.com/groups/115835695144753?view=permalink&id=2630986303629667. Hope to end for every male the most common saddle issue

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Very interesting! :astonished:

Can we see the base of the saddle?

By cutting the foam from the mad4one saddle, or by finding another foam to cut, it should be easy to do something similar with a “tape finish”.
I’ve been thinking about reworking the shape of the foam (and de-bend the tube…), but I’m afraid to make the saddle unusable…

I hope you don’t mind me re-hosting for you, for those that don’t want to use facebook

Must have been one of those.

Sorry I misspoke, I’d like to see the underside of the saddle. I wonder how the handle is attached to the saddle.

me too.

Can anyone help me with the photo again? It’s a really easy mod. However it is not tested yet. And I’m sure I’d better heat down the plastic base than using cable ties

Respect! Your desing looks so sleek!

Another photo:

Did a 15km short test due to unpleasant weather.

I can say the “Vogelfrei” saddle is good and anyone interested can easily order the two part and give it a try.

The test was road/gravel/dirt, today was rainy and strong wind (most sideways, for 15’ minute opposite), mostly slightly cambered, some poth holes, some mud, only one short but steep climb. My aim was to ride till my brother’s house and came back again…, but the opposing wind brake my legs and my brother decided to came back with me for lunchtime… so I ride only half I had scheduled

Your mod does look really good! I’m excited for your long term report.

Makes me want to experiment with bike seats too. I’m thinking of a base that would mount a bike seat on their normal rails, and either something t-bar like or even a normal plastic handle in front. The mad4one handle saddle is inherently too expensive due to those relatively complex bends, and other than the visual similarity to “normal” saddle that doesn’t offer much advantage in my point of view.

But the amount of choice using a bike saddle standard would give…I think I like it. Maybe I’ll draw something up in Cad over the next few months, but I won’t have time to do any prototyping before January…


Very nice mod. Looks a lot better than the official padding!

What is the handle saddle made of? Aluminum or steel? What is the outer diameter of the tube? 7/8”, 1”?

I am thinking of bending/welding the same tubing to make my own. Anyone have the same thought? A challenge I can think of is the small radius bending at the front for aluminum tubing. Any expert can shed some light?

Here is a quite crude but fully functional part that adapts the bike seat rails to a standard four bolt uni seat post. The handle bar clamps directly to the seat post. A disadvantage is that the adapter angle can not be adjusted other then the by slipping the four bolt connection forward and back or by adding shims/washers.

It worked for my experiments and I have now moved on to a fully homemade saddle rather then adapting a bike saddle.

Why dont you use a bike seatpost??

I loooove your gallery lots of details and mods, keep researching!!

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Five reasons; 1. I’m cheap and don’t like to buy things that I can make, 2. I did not have 25.4mm bike seat post, 3. I wanted steel and they don’t seem to sell 25.4 mm steel seat posts (sometimes I weld thing directly to the seat post), 4. I needed a seat post only for trying out the noseless saddle and there was a good chance that I will not put this into long term use, and 5. I just like to build things.