Handle saddle

Anyone riding the Mad 4 One Handle saddle? How do you like it? Pros/cons? Did you previously have comfort problems with “normal” saddles?

I found out about the handle saddle only today and was just on my way to ask about it on the forum.

I’m that close from ordering one :slight_smile:

I build it right now!

I just rebuild my guni with the handle saddle. I did the cover by myself. Tomorrow will test it and let you know

Some pics: https://www.instagram.com/p/B2U_fHCI0-C/?igshid=12konoqkdeso7

I have it installed on my 26". I was torn on what size to buy. I bought the long, touring version because it was the same length as the combined seat/bar setup on my other muni/xc unicycles. I bought the bar without the seat. It is going to take some time to get the DYI seat-part happening to my satisfaction. My major gripe with the Mad4One seat/handle is that the entire thing is on the narrow side. I am bigger and taller than most of the riders on this forum. A bit more width would suit my more-widely-spaced sit-bones, and a somewhat wider hand-grip would give me more control. I love how light and strong the setup is.

Oh, DIY peeps. Good :slight_smile:

What kind of tape do you guys use to cover the handles?
My seat must hit the ground a thousand times a day, so the regular tape for bike handlebars won’t do.

It doesn’t look very comfortable. Do you add the tape for comfiness?

My goal is to limit the amount of padding in the setup, then use two pairs of padded cycling shorts. Currently I have two rubber grips (the type used on the walkers of old people), sliced lengthwise, placed around the back corners of the seat/handle (where my sit bones are), then the entire seat/handle wrapped with lacrosse tape. One of the challenges with the DYI setup is to not only get the padding correct, but to also to get the relative grip of the seat/handle where I want it. Before putting on the lacrosse tape, I put on some tennis racket wrapping tape; the grip was too much, and it interfered with me adjusting the seat forward and backward. I need to play with it more. It’s on my 26", and I have mostly been riding my 24" muni and 19" trials lately. Changing setups involves some growing pains. It may take a while to find out what is superior (or not?) about the seat/handle setup.

These saddles sound really interesting. I don’t really like my t-bar that much, but at the same time like having it there for something a bit further out to grab and a place to put lights. These seem like a good middle-ground. Has anyone used one for road/long distance riding or are they more of a trials/muni thing right now? :smiley:

They are advertised as coming in three sizes. Short for trials, medium for muni, long for touring.

For anyone thinking about a bar setup, here’s a one-point comparison of the KH T-bar, the Nimbus Shadow Handle and the Mad4One Saddle/Handle. I am comparing the adjustment potential of each setup. The Mad4One can only be adjusted at the interface between the handle and the seat post. That limits the range of adjustment. The Shadow handle has the same interface adjustment, but also the option of a straight or curved bar extending from the receiver. And if you’re adding bar ends to the Shadow, they can be adjusted. The KH T-bar has what appears to be the most points of adjustment. The angle of the seat and the angle of the bar ends are easier to control separate from one another.

I have been a big fan of the Shadow, because of its relative stiffness over the KH setup. The first handle setup I ever used was the KH. My experience was that I couldn’t tighten it enough to keep it from moving around. Also, there was more play in it. I destroyed a few seat posts using it. Even after adding the KH stiffening plate, the setup still had too much play / compliance in it. I like a responsive setup. The Mad4One is very stiff, and as I mentioned before, super lightweight. I haven’t extinguished the options for setting it up. Currently, I am most satisfied with the Shadow.

I have one that I got with the cushion attached. The padded part comes too short stock. I haven’t modified it yet but the end of the pad is in a very uncomfortable spot as is.

Phillip, did you get some kind of seat cover with it or was the foam simply covered with tape, like in the picture below (from mad4one’s website)?

This one is the ‘urban competition finish’.

I’ve set the DIY padded part far back (as Mad4one site M size). I must ride with at least one hand on the saddle or I’ll slide in the centered unpadded area. So I think it will train me to put a lot of weight in the front part helping me to sit more back… I don’t have much time to test it, but I’m sure I’ll learn how to ride with 2 hands always on the handle, with less weight in the back.

My main concern is only about chafing, but I have not really tested it

I got the muni finish. It looks like some sort of actual foam seat but it is just taped on to the saddle. The front is just an abrupt stop and then the handle. The foam isnt tapered down or anything so it puts a lot of pressure right behind the testicles. Sorry for the graphic language but I couldn’t think of a better way to describe it.

That’s one of the things that worry me.

Yeah, seems a bit ghetto for my liking right now. I’d love to try a ‘normal’ uni saddle but with this style of handle though to avoid the complexity of the KH but I don’t really like the idea of just having a lump of foam duct taped down. Maybe if I had any idea about what sort of shape I DID want and so could mould it to myself :smiley:

I’m going to be adding my own hoop handle to my SW CF saddle (already super light, stiff and very comfy) to replace the much heavier T handle and bracket setup. The handle will be attached to the same 4 holes that normally attach the lift handle. It will be in the perfect configuration that will not require adjustment. This hoop handle is ultralight aluminum and weighs only a few ounces and is actually from a set of Aero bars that cost only $12! Will post pics when completed.

Just saw the seat (looks like the trial version) in one of RideOne’s videos.

I don’t understand a word but it seems rather hard on the butt, if what he does after is any indication.

I’ve only used it a couple of times (not because I don’t like it, but I’ve mainly riding the bike lately). First time was on a 160km ride, and it worked perfectly fine.

Comfort wise it’s probably on par with the carbon flatfish saddle, but less adjustable than a regular seat/T-bar combo. It’s superlight which I really like, so as long as you don’t mind the positioning, it’s great for distance. The minimalistic padding means no chafing, and you can change positions really easily.

Very interested to see this! I did think about just getting some aero bars and figuring out how to bodge them to the underside of my saddle to replace my actual seat handle, sounds nice and lightweight :slight_smile:

mad4one handle saddle

I saw it on facebook Marco will do a (fake) leather version of the seat for m and l sizing. I think its a great saddle, but in my opinion Marco sells pre prototype version of the saddle and i think its needs some crowdfunding or cooperation with unicycledotcom to be great and matured saddle in such a niche market.