Handle saddle cushion ideas

I would imagine the handles saddle would fit any post that a standard four bolt saddle would as it’s the same interface

Here’s another photo of a large for a size/shape reference on a 36’er

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Could you show a few up-close pictures, please?

After a lot of months I’m gonna get my 29er wheel back! So it’s time to complete the saddle. Bad pics but easily understandable. Remember to be careful or you’ll tear an hole in the cushion like I just did!


Very inspiring! I just order one second hand ISM adamo prologue saddle. :slight_smile:

EDIT : I order two second hand ISM saddles : 1 ISM adamo prologue & 1 ISM PR 1.0 :sweat_smile:

I reckon there is a bottle holder underneath the hole then.

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I’ve been looking at ISM saddles quite a bit since I saw your setup with the rivets. Do you have any advice on ISM saddle models? On the settings? In your opinion, is a 40 density foam the best? I know these are very subjective things, but I’m interested.

You didn’t have too much difficulties to find the right front/back adjustment for your saddle (either in terms of saddle inclination, and positioning of the ISM saddle on the handlesaddle?)

Finally, can you tell us what kind of rivet you use (size and material) ?

I have a friend who builds bike trailers, he installs rivets all day long, I think I’ll go bother him a bit.

I can’t wait to try :slight_smile:

I bought a cheap riveter (so the included pieces should be alu or iron), the cheapest thriathlon saddle I found on ebay and tested them. No more than that. The handle saddle is a bit larger than the front part of the saddle, so one could try to enlarge it. I just applied force and the result is not greatly balanced. I tested also without the plastic base and the saddle was slowly collapsing inside. The handle saddle adjustable angle is still a problem that M4O seatpost cannot completely solve. Maybe I’ll use an hard plastic piece to increase the saddle front height.

Latest cushion idea is still untested, I’m building the wheel these nights, but I’ve got too many things running, so don’t know when I 'll test it


I found the same issue with saddle angle on my handle saddle. I just stacked washers up to adjust it and did nothing to correct for the slight angles the bolts now contact the saddle at. That was about a month ago and I’ve been riding muni about 5 days a week with no problems yet.

I used large nuts first, than washers, both useful but not pretty at all. That’s why I’m going on using different materials

I think if I were looking for ways to attach that saddle to the handle saddle I would try a heavy duty or industrial-strength double sided tape first. It’s amazing what that stuff can hold.

I would slot the plastic base directly over where it sits on the handle saddle tube (two slots about 1/2” apart and thread a hose clamp through and then clamp it to the handle saddle tube to back up the double-sided tape

Just an idea

When I mounted a handle saddle to my Nightfox I used huge stacks of washers to get the angle right and they looked ghetto. Later I machined some aluminum risers to replace them.

On my muni however, the washers are barely visible and are bright and shiny anyway. So far it’s worked well, but if I have any problems down the road I’ll make a more precise adaptor.

How to convert a Mad41 handlesaddle size M in ducttaped ghetto finish into a primitive skill leather saddle!

First of all you have to hunt a deer, skin it and braintan the hide into a buckskin.
Best reading instructions first.

Joking aside, I had such a piece of leather left over from a past hobby.
I made a paper template, transferred it to the leather, punched holes in it, soaked it in water and laced it onto the ghetto saddle and let it dry.

Note: the paper template is not the final version. I made a few changes in the front area with the scissors directly on the leather.


Has anyone tried putting a traditional 4 bolt saddle on top of this? Like a stadium or freeride? It looks possible using longer bolts and maybe some spacers in between the handle saddle base and the saddle itself.

I plan to set up my new muni up for packing and it would be nice to have a handle that I can not only put my weight on but also have a bag strapped underneath. I thought about the handle saddle extension but I’m afraid there will be too much leverage on the mounting bolts. Another advantage with this setup would be having the back loop to strap to. Any thoughts or ideas are much appreciated!

There was a setup like that at the STOMP munifest in 2018, we talked about it a little in this thread

Not sure if the guy who made it is on the new forum. I’ll be going to STOMP next week - if he’s there, I can ask for more details, or see if he’s got an improved version.

Thanks so much. I like the idea of mounting the front and rear bumpers to the handle as well. This is going to turn out better than I initially thought!

I’ve been riding handle saddles for the past 6 months or so and what I’ve seen is that the leather bumpers and handle wraps are great for muni, but for street/flatland/trials they slowly get chewed up. When leather hits dirt very little damage happens, but when leather hits concrete or asphalt damage gets done.

I saw someone on here mount a tennis ball as a front bumper. I love that.

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Yes, one thing missing from the handle saddle and add-on commercially available handle’s is a tough and durable bumper.


Also the reason that im very careful about were I place the break.
I started placing it up-side down.

Yeah I was always careful that my brake lever wouldn’t hit the ground first, rather be a couple of mm off.

One day after a deep clean I messed up reassembly, got it too far forwards (and noticed immediately but decided to leave it until I got home again) then shattered the carbon composite lever on a UPD…
It was an expensive UPD.