STOMP Muni Fest 2018 Video

Hi, the guy with the mint hatchet (second from left at 4:00 min), has he screwed a nimbus stadium saddle onto the mad4one handle saddle (long version)?


Yes, that’s basically what he did. Just the cover and padding, I think, not the whole saddle. He also welded a crosspiece onto the handle to make a brake mount.

He’s the mad scientist who built all the oddball unicycles there, and needed to rent a truck to bring them all…

Great job by Will on the video! Sounds like he’s a master of video production nowadays.

Hello MrImpossible, do you know his name, or even his e-mail adress?
Please PM.

Regards Georg

He removed the saddle cover and padding, trimmed the side of the plastic saddle so the handle would fit better. Then he put the pad and cover back on. He also added a custom mount on the handle so it would attach to the saddle bumper screw holes( front and back). So it has 3 mount points. He also added another piece for the brake. He said he was working with mad3one with his ideas to customize the handles. Yes it’s the long version. It the best handle I ever felt. I would love to have one.