Hand Wheel Walk Videos

I tried the sitting version first using a spotter but said spotter got shinned twice and doesn’t want to help me with sitting version anymore. I’ve been working on stomach on seat hand wheel walk for a few days now and not felt like I’ve made any progress since Day 1. I’ve mostly just being going for it without a spotter. I thought I may need to lean more forward cause when I don’t I fall back, but I don’t want to rely on going fast and out of control to stay balanced. If I go too slow I fall to the side though.

I found this video. This person looks like they’re leaning slightly back and maintaining control. Should I be learning stomach on seat or sitting version first? Also, if y’all could find some videos of people doing either and post them here that would be great, cause I haven’t had any luck finding any.

Don’t skimp on the sit-up training! Hand Wheel Walk is the trick that stopped me at Level 7. If you can reach your tire while sitting on the seat, without doing damage to any body parts, that’s great. Otherwise I think the stomach version gives you more control, because you have more “arm” to work with.

That has been done, for fun. Those are members of the Twin Cities Unicycle Club in the early 1990s. There were a lot less people in the world doing that trick way back then. :slight_smile:


Should I be learning stomach on seat or sitting version first?

Same as with coasting; when your legs are extended you can use them as counterbalance (making things easier), oppose to sitting.
The order of learning is unimportant.