Halloween Costumes

Anyone have any good ideas for a costume that can be worn for Halloween? Aside from the stereotypical clown <ducks thrown bricks, UW’s, bottles and grenades>

i have!

 &lt;taps on side of nose&gt;

Last year’s discussion.

It’ll be interesting to see if the poster formerly known as Sofa has any new uses for his nose.

Last year my brother and I dressed up in olde worlde long floral dresses and big hiking boots, with straw hats and handbags. And wandered about various bars uttering in high pitched voices…“I’m a lady you know, a real lady(little britain wins)”…prett scary. But the best bit was we went to the bar where our sister was working and she slammed a finger in a door. SO my bro accompanied herr to casualty in said dress. And spent several hours whilst my sis was waiting to be seen helping push old ladies around the hospital. One of the old dear, bless her cotton socks. Complimented him on his dress and said it was a shame so few young ladies wore nice flowery clothes anymore. (My bro has quite a big beard!)
Anyway. Twas an amusing halloween.


What you need to do is get 1 or 2 more people.

Person 1: Toothbrush
Person 2: Listerine
Person 3: Dental Floss

That’s what I’m doing this year. I’m Listerine. And then everyone once and a while, Toothbrush and Me are gonna’ yell “Gingivitis Attack! GO! GO! GO!” And then run arround.

a friends of mine wants to get a group of 15-20 or so to go out as the crazy 88’s and just run screaming down the streets party to party drinking everyones beer only to go and do it again at the next party down the street.

that hoola hoop one looks like a good idea, exept i was thinking of doing the grim reaper…

ME PICK ME! you could go as a headless unicyclist, or maybe a cross between a pumpin or a ghost. think of the usual costumes then mix them up!

I’m going to dress up as a Russian. I have the authentic russian Sub-Zero hat that my aunt sent me. Its pretty neat. So I would just wear that and uhh yeah, don’t think Im too much help.

gray shirt,brown pants, black boots and suspenders?

Cheese danish: Big brown foam pocket, white foam center circle and frosting. Cut a hole in the center for your face.

that wud be different…

I couldn’t fit through many doorways.

You know what a really sweet unicycle costume would be? Get a robe that’s like ten feet long, with a hood, then ride a giraffe so the robe goes all the way to the ground and you can’t see the wheel. It’ll look like you’re floating!! You’ll be a DEMENTOR!!!

has anyone ridden a giraffe dressed up as a giraffe?

You could take a crappy old street tire, put screws through it, and carry it around with an old Jason costume one, and you’d be a mad unicycle murderer. The screws would make the unicycle into something approximating a chainsaw with pedals. Sorta.

Could go as Tim’s hot sister…

I want to get a full gorrilla suit and ride around in that. Do some gorrilla trials. I got to find a good suit though, I saw one for $100 its sound really pricey for fake fur and a full head mask.

Bear suits are funnier, it was proven by the California Comedy Commission.

Bear suits are REALLY expensive. I found one that was 100 bucks a day to rent, so I’m saving up and I’m going to spend the whole day fooling around in a bear suit.

I’m in Afghanistan at Bagram air base and we are going to have a 10K fun run on Halloween morning. I am trying to think of something funny to wear and ride my unicycle on the fun run. I was thinking of a gorilla suit, but that would get very hot. The road around the airfield is pretty rough and it’s a tough ride even on a KH24 (at least for me). I also thought about wearing a berka, but that also would be very hot and I would probably offend some of the locals. Any ideas for a costume that I could ride 10K in?