Guten Tag, mein Name ist Hans..

…Hans Dampf :smiley:

And isn’t he a big boy!!!

I have my KH29 frame, cranks and Spokes now where is my stupid rim!!!

Bye bye KH26 and my first wheel build you have served me well!

Hans is good, very very good :slight_smile:

The side walls feel incredible, I have had lots of Schwalbe tyres but never a snakeskin version! They will be very handy on the trials I rid which has lots of sections of lose flint that cost me a month old Conti Ruberqueen a little while back and lots of tyres on my bike.

Can’t wait to get it built and hit the trails!

This is the softer trails star (nowhere seems to have the pacestar) but I don’t unfortunately have time to do many miles due to work/family etc

When I see Hans, it makes me want to say “Dampf!” :slight_smile:

loving! what is happining to your 26?

Here to pump <claps /> you up?

Going in for mass surgery, I need to de-lace the rim so I can use the Oracle hub in the new wheel, swap seat and brake to the KH29 frame and jobs-a-good-un my KH26 become a KH29

I have so many spare parts now it is unfunny, I have an almost complete 19" trials in parts and now half a 26" uni as well.

Rim should come tomorrow so I can get her built :sunglasses: She will get christened in style as the UK is being battered by the worst storm in 30 years with a months worth of rain in a day at the moment so the trials are going to be fun, at least I am 1.5" higher off the ground on the 29er lol, might go down from the hills to the lowlands as the main rivers breach and spill out onto the floodplains which is great fun ridding for miles on trials under 0.5-1 feet of water (although very tiring)

Last time it flooded in 2009





Good point - I was wondering whether I should just ride to uni-meet on the 19er given I’ve been saying how they’re not really that much slower than something larger, but the 29er will give me the all-crucial water clearance given much of my route there follows a path alongside the River Severn!

All hail to King Hans!
After comments in the thread for the upcoming CA muni weekend (in Albequerque), about how there are no 29er tires with sufficient tread for desert riding, I can’t wait to show up with HANS. :slight_smile:

where did you get it?