GUNI is here!!!

My Sclumpf geared uni (“guni” I call it) has arrived!!!

First of all, it’s a thing of beauty. I love the black frame and tire, and the chrome bits look super. I will prolly change the pedals to something grippier, but they’re a lot better than the old Schwinn pedals we used to get back when. The seat is a lot like a KH, and I happen to like those seats for my riding (10 miles/day), tho for REALLY long rides, I’d prolly switch to a Sem air seat.

Most important – how does it ride!!!

That’s where the real beauty of this uni comes out. I bought the 28" -> 42" version with a Big Apple tire. At 28" (1:1 ratio), it rides almost exactly like a regular 28" uni would, tho it’s overall a bit heavier and due to the hub. There is nearly zero slop – you don’t feel like it’s flipping bw gears. Harper’s fantastic uni.5 definitely had more slop, tho in both cases, one gets used to it after awhile. In this case, the ‘getting used to it’ period was approximately one minute.

I rode it at 1:1 around a quiet bike loop that has one moderate uphill and one moderate downhill section. The 3.35-mile loop took 17 mins, and my top speed was about 15mph. Then I gave it a shot in the 1.5:1 setting. It took me a few tries to get going, and my legs were tired from the previous loop, but I managed to stay on for the whole ride and to complete the loop in just under 15 mins. This time, my max speed was a whopping 19.8 mph, and I was still taking it easy (out of fear). In fact, I set the seat height too low (by nearly an inch), so it should be easy to break 21 mph when the conditions are even better. Whether I can knock off another minute in my loop record remains to be seen. The sub-14-minute time I achieved on my Coker some years ago was accomplised using 110m cranks, and since then, I’ve gone to 125s on both my Coker and on my guni.

There was definitely a bit more slop at the 1.5:1 setting, but it was almost negligible and was definitely easy to get used to. What is NOT so easy to get used to is the idea that if you UPD, you’ll be running a LOT faster than your gams can take you, and you’ll have less reaction time since you’ll be closer to the ground than with a Coker. I hate that part. I’m looking forward to some spectacular UPDs. Definitely can’t go riding sans wristguards at the geared-up setting.

As for switching ‘on the fly’ – I was able to manage that the first time I tried and pretty much each time since then. I find it a lot easier to switch up (from the low to the high gear) than to switch down. I used my ankles, and I rode slowly when in transition.

It’s a blast. And I have a name for my guni: Queen Gunivere. And given how breathless I was during the ride, that makes me Sir Pants-A-Lot.

David Stone

Pictures? sounds pretty awesome


That’s amazing. I wish I had the cash to drop on a machine like that. Good luck staying in one piece! I’m sure the sheer awesome will make up for the worst UPD though :smiley:

sounds like to fast a ride for pix to me.

Nah, we need video!

Photo of Queen Guni

I’m not really expert at linking photos – can never get them small enough. Here is my attempt to link a small photo of the Queen, taken with my phone outside my house.

I’ll try to get some more photos and some video when I take the Queen to the NAUCC.


Re: Photo of Queen Guni

Look forward to seeing this thing of wonder.:smiley:

Re: Photo of Queen Guni

Congratulations. (you have graduated to over-achiever – this pic is too small) :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see it in person at a NYUC meeting!

This has got to be a stupid question, but how would this Guni do on a trail ride? Sort of a GuniMuni thing?

There are no stupid questions – only fatal ones (like: “Does this thing really explode if you shake it?” – said while shaking the item in question).

I haven’t taken her gearness out on a trail or even on a grassy knoll, so I can’t answer, but I’m going to wait to hear from other guni owners before subjecting mine to any harsh treatment.

Is that thing cool or what? The 24" was a joy to ride and shift. I’ll bet the 28" hauls. In fact, I know the 28" hauls. The shift on the fly I found remarkably easy on the 24" and used the “drag the heel over the button” technique rather than the “kick shift” technique.

Florian does gorgeous work, eh?

Yes, Florian does amazing work. I tried shifting with a gentle kick but may end up preferring the heel-drag method.

I can’t imagine how he can improve on this design – and I can’t wait to find out what he comes up with.

Maybe the “EZ Shift” levers are worth a try?

Is there a risk you will push the gear knob by accident? Like when adjusting foot position?

Not really. As you can see from my photo (haha – you can’t, so take my word for it until I attach a better photo), the cranks are flanged in such a way that you aren’t likely to click in the knob accidentally. If you did, you’d likely UPD – the shift is quite breath-taking, literally, and it’s tricky enough when you’re expecting it.

I just checked out that link – thanks!

I never knew there were EZ shifters, but they seem worth trying. The possible downside I imagine is that you may be more likely to shift accidentally, which would suck.

GUNI report, day 2

Today was my 2nd outing on the Queen and the first time riding a la commute, rather than around a bike loop.

Already I feel much more comfortable riding at the ‘geared-up’ size. I don’t want to call it 42" because it’s actually even larger than that. I don’t know the exact measurements (I’ll check Florian’s site), but it’s greater than 1.5:1 – I would guess more like 1.6:1.

At the larger setting, there is definitely a bit more slop than at the regular setting, but it’s not enough to be a problem. I rode up a fairly steep hill without having to get off or switch to the 1:1, but it was not easy, and I don’t imagine most riders could have handled it. I was bested by a hill later in the day as I rode thru the streets of Park Slope, which is hilly (as its name suggests) but also interrupted by street lights (unlike the earlier ride, which was hilly but light-free). As it turns out, street lights and other forced stops make it hard to ride the high setting uphill because it’s so hard to regain lost momentum.

So…I decided to switch down for the remainder of my ascent. I definitely felt slower, and it took a few revs for my brain to adjust to the 1:1, but the uphill was considerably easier after that. Upon reaching the hilltop, I geared up ‘on the fly’ and made excellent time as I headed downhill for the last mile of the trip. On that short spurt, I hit a top speed of 19.6mph, amazing considering that I was trying NOT to go too fast.

Oh, and I had my first UPD (level 2) today. I simply let the wheel get the better of me, and suddenly I had to jump off and run it out, probably at a rate of 13.5mph (the “MAX” speed on my cycle computer). I do not look forward to a faster UPD than that – it’s going to suck having to bail out at a speed greater than I can sprint. Definitely would be a stupid idea NOT to wear wrist guards at all times with this uni.

Last note: I’m 8/10 on shift-on-the-fly success. I was also able for the first time to downshift, which I believe is a bit harder than upshifting. Harper’s idea of using a heel rather than an ankle ‘kick’ seems good, but I’m not convinced it works – I’ll have to keep trying that one.

Re: GUNI is here!!!

Thanks for the reports Dave. I guess you have the 2.00" rather than
the 2.35" Big Apple on it? I have the wide version on order since
March but delivery keeps being delayed due to unavailability of the
wide frames.

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Re: Re: GUNI is here!!!

Sorry for the delay in answering. I have the 28x2.35 Big Apple tire.

I thought I’d be getting the 2.00" Big Apple tire (and the smaller frame) because when I communicated with Florian, I mentioned that I’d rather not wait for the larger frame and the larger wheel. But then I didn’t get my guni for quite some time, suggesting that he got the larger frames in earlier than expected.

I haven’t heard from my friend and fellow NYUC member (Dave Bagley) who also ordered a Schlumpf guni, but I’m assuming his arrived around when mine did. And I know that Gilby also received his guni when I did (10-12 days ago) because he had his at the NAUCC05, too.

I hope yours has arrived by now – if not, I’m sure it’s soon to be on its way. Enjoy!

sounds good!
has anyone got a vidoe of them riding a guni?
(good name btw)