Grinding Tutorials?

Iv’e searced youtube and stuff but i can’t find any grinding tutorials except for this WRITTEN tut but im looking more for a video. Can anyone make a video tutorial? ANd recommend what pedals that last long. Ive heard plastic breaks fast and aliminium hasnt got good grip so wtf? but yer anyone give me a video tut?

cmon ppl…

stuff this thread ill just go for it as some ppl say like “coi19ns” someone like that,m say u dont need a tut

Twisted jc plastics. Just ride to a rail and jump on, after a while you get the hang of it and be able to slide. I don’t think you need a tutorial. Oh yeah alu pedals have good grip, depending on what brand/model.

Heres a tip, dont learn to grind on snafu pedals with pins like i did :smiley:

If your using metal pedals, make sure you only grind on one side because after a while if you grind on both they will be become incredabley slippery (like mine)

So i suggest plastic pedals, which i have now. Their lighter and hurt your shins less. And are quite gripy even after you sand them down with a few concrete ledges.

Ok, once your good at pedal grabing ledges then find a waxed ledge or something metal that will slide easily, something slightly sloped is good because then you just need to hop onto it and go with the flow.

For flat grinds, try not to break your momentum, ride fast into the rail. INTO the rail, not on to the rail.

These are great if your like me and love metal pedals.

with me plastic pedals dont break very often ive only had 1 set break from grinding in the last year but thats only on flat rails, grind boxes and the odd small hand rail. I ride plastic welgo’s

Do you do much trials or bigstreet? Thats what will kill your plastic pedals.

Sorry, but what types are they?

I do street and a little bit of trials

Normal pedals with plastic board stached by screws to the pedal, will work with most metal pedals used for unicycling.

killing pedals is better than killing shins :stuck_out_tongue:

agreed but if you invest in shin gaurds you wnt need to worry about the peddals hitting you so you can get metal ones.