Great movie about me and my club (NYUC)

The interviewer (Carey, a member of my club) is a film student at NYU. She wanted to make a short documentary. We interviewed at my house and then she filmed (and interviewed) at the club a few days later. My son is the boy interviewed near the beginning, and my little daughter can be seen a few times running around. My big girl is also in the piece, and her friend, Emmy, has a nice little interview near the middle.

I’d love to invite all of you to come out to the club some time soon. Remember: Grant’s Tomb (122nd St and Riverside Dr); first Sunday/third Saturday of every month.

Nice video

Very Nice video…

I’d like to come to the club one or two times… im on long island, so it may be a challenge, but looks like fun…
Any good places for street riding around there?

Just outstanding…what a great video. I love the “No Image Available”.

Thanks for sharing this David; I look forward to passing it on to others.

What a brilliant documentary. Express my appreciation to the maker.

Nice documentary. I like the (probably unintentional) bit where the titles say “Level 2 - figure 8” just as a vertical 2 wheeled unicycle comes in to shot to make a perfect 8 on the screen!


Wow, that doc had one of the best arcs ever. Really, very enjoyable.

Dave excellent video! That was really well done and you did very well as the narrator. I will definitely add this to our youtube site. It really made me smile and you could see the fun that unicycling is. I am kind of curious about level 11 though. I think a video tutorial would be helpful. Do we have any volunteers for that? :wink:

One other question. Either I missed it or you didn’t say…Who was the Welcome back Kotter unicyclist?

Great video David,
Reminds me that I need to get down to the city for a club meeting.

Fab video. I really enjoyed it.

I’m not sure I can get any models for the level 11 tutorial. As for WBK, the rider is Tom Pennell; there is a very-much-earlier thread about him somewhere on the forum, if you’re interested in looking for it (maybe searching for Kotter would work). I met him about 4 years ago, I’d guess.

Your memory is short by a couple years David…must be a sign of age. “Seems like it was just yesterday…”

The Kotter search worked. Here’s the thread. A nice thread too, by the way. I like that we still have nice and inspirational threads from time to time, just like the goodle days.

Woah! He put a Screeching Weasel song in there!

Thanks Dave. Great video.

I remember the show Welcome Back Kotter but I don’t remember ever seeing the unicyclist at the end of the show.
Thanks for pointing it out.

And thanks Tomblackwood for pulling the old info out for all to see.

The video was a great break from all the trials and street stuff. I also really liked the Welcome Back Kotter footage. Still, I always thought it was a girl in that scene, I guess because I assumed she was carrying a baton. There’s another clip in those closing credits with someone walking away from the camera wearing a “Ty Cobb Cheerleaders” jacket, and I always blended the two in my head. Cool that he’s still around, and still into unicycling!

Did you ever find out what he is carrying in the Kotter clip? It looks like a lacrosse stick.

Funny – you’re the 2nd person (this week) to assume it was a lax stick. Anyhoo, it was a tennis racket. You can actually tell if you look closely at one point.

I also know that he was riding along Pierpont St in Brooklyn, an area that I used to ride in, too, when I taught at a school in that borough. I actually rode there many times over the years after he and I met. I somex thought of him.