Gravity (inexpensive trainer)

When I go on vacation i like to take a unicycle with me. But over the years I’ve upgraded all my unis to expensive KH cycles that I don’t want to risk with the airlines, or leaving in a hotel. So I picked up a Gravity 26" from for $70 including shipping.

Came mostly assembled. The cranks, rim and frame are steel, pedals are plasitc. Cranks are 150mm. Its a small seat with front and rear guards. Has a thin 26" tire, so don’t expect any cushion/bounce.

I’ve only ridden it for about 10 mins so far and it feels solid. Took me a little fussing to get the knack of tightening the hand adjustable seat post clamp tight enough, but it seems to be working.

Since I’m spoiled by the KH fusion freeride seat(which cost almost as much as this uni), I’ll be swapping in the KH seat for comfort. The Gravity seat is a sturdy seat for a learner, but going from the KH to the Gravity seat, it seems hard, and small to get a hold of when dismounting, or hopping.

The Gravity is a sturdy inexpensive unicycle, seems great for leaning, and light skill building. Would not drop off more than a curb with this one.

BTW, I am happy with my dealing with . They answered emails, and shipped quickly. They had the lowest price I could find. One thing I noticed is that they sell on ebay, but offer these unis at a lower price from their web site direct.

I ordered a Gravity 16" from BikeIsland and had a similar experience: decent learner uni (especially for the price); BikeIsland shipped quickly with no problems.

I ordered a Gravity 16" from BikeIsland and had a similar experience: decent learner uni (especially for the $40 the 16"s went for at the time); BikeIsland shipped quickly with no problems.

If you pack your uni well, and they don’t leave it sitting on the runway in phoenix arizona in 120 degree weather, it should be ok.

I think he was more concerned with it being stolen…

Don’t put it in a box that says “UNICYCLE!” And if a handler or something steals it, then airline pays you for it. But that is not likely, a uni box doesn’t look very exciting.

I also have one of these unis. It was my first and I learned to ride on it. Good times and its still kicking. I customized mine a bit. Posted it a while back…

I found I needed to tightened up all the spokes on my 26" Gravity, they were pretty slack. Ended up with a flat tire, having a tube with two holes in it. Turns out the rim tape was off center in the channel exposing a number of the nipple heads to the inner tube. So that as I tightened the spoke, they tore holes in the tube.

A quality hit on the Gravity rim tape and wheel build, and a lesson to remove the tube (at least deflate) when adjusting spokes.