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dx 24

My Nimbus 24 Muni

Only non-stock parts are KH dual-hole 125-150’s and Felt Berm Master Tire.

Did you photoshop the B2 in that photo?

Save the picture, then zoom in on it, and you tell me.:smiley:

My new Nimbus 26" MUni just arrived last week! I love it. It rolls over nearly everything. It is a full 28" in diameter so it does present some new challenges. It doesn’t fit on the bus like my old 24" Torker LX for one thing, and I’ve found that I have to adjust the way I climb up hills – I can’t lean forward as much or I end up dumped out on the trail.

It is all stock (as sold by UDC) except for KH 125/150 moments and a used Maggie HS33 brake from Brycer1968. That saved me a good $80 compared to getting a brake from UDC.

The mix and match color scheme wasn’t necessarily on purpose but I’ve grown to love it…My family has affectionately named him Sparky.

26" Gravity Uni

This is my custom Gravity Uni. One of the cheapest unis from ebay.
Stock wheelset (steel cranks and square taper hub)
Custom paint job
Steel cable brake from old mountain b*ke
Nimbus gel saddle
Nimbus seat post clamp
UDC seat post
Bell 26" tire (Wal-Mart special)

i am really not sure if thats shopped! lol

Here’s my repainted KH26 guni:

All pictures:


Nice. Same colour as my tandem :slight_smile:
Not sure about the spokes though - are they really salmon pink?


They are metallic red, and match the pedals and seat post clamp :wink:


Thats pretty hot Corbin- not sure about the blue rim strip though. I’d get a black one instead of the blue. Are you riding this more than your 24" gmuni with franken handle bar? I’d be interested to hear what your preference is.

Hey Mark,
My 24" I was still riding up till last week when I put this one together. The handle bar I still like better and I’ll probably modify the T bar with a new T that is slightly wider.

The 26" with the 2.3" tire is a lot lighter than the 24" with the 3" tire and heavy tube. So far, I feel slower on the 26" on fast/bumpy downhills because the 24 + 3" tire does more absorbing of the bumps. I’m going to give it some time and see if I get faster with it, as I do like the lightness of it. It makes rolling hops much easier!

This is pretty much the same assumption I came to before Unicon – however, the hub bearings were starting to fail before Unicon so I sent it in for repair. I decided to stick with the 24" for unicon as I was faster on it on the downhill.

During Nationals (NAUC 2010 / UGames), I was the fastest downhill rider with the 24" + 3" tire.


Nice! Now you gotta go out and get some battle scars on it, and get it good 'n dirty! :smiley:

Corbin, have you thought about trying a 26x2.5 tire? Seems like it might be a compromise between the 24x3 and the 26x2.3.

hey andy – yeah, that’s what I’m going to do next when the 2.3 gets a little more worn down.


Well, my muni WAS
K1 luxury seat
pit fighter post
KH singlebolt clamp
KH frame
K1 hub laced to 24 bicycles rim
kenda K-rad
125mm KH moments
Aluminium DX pedals

It has not changed to…
Nimbus Gel
Nimbus CrMo post
KH doublebolt clamp in white
KH frame
K1 hub laced to 24 bicycles rim
Kenda K-rad
145 QU-AX Isis cranks
Aluminium DX pedals

Yeah, i realised it got kinda downgraded :frowning:

I have been riding my geared 26er with a Muddy Mary Freeride Gooy Gluey 2.5" tire for a couple of weeks now.
Weight wise that tire is a better choice than the DH version but I seem to get flats a lot more than previously. So maybe the DH one would be better and or a DH tube instead of the normal Schwalbe No13.
Just letting you know there are reasons not to go too light.
I do like everything else about that tire.
Oh, and nice paint job, Corbin! I prefer the red one, though.

this is how my MUni currently looks

I think that this is about the perfect do-it-all MUni setup for me, in the summer anyway.

Homemade short handle
Modified 2009 KH freeride saddle
KH seatpost
quick release clamp
2007 KH29 frame with brake mounts welded for 26" wheel
Magura HS22 brake
Vredestein Bull Lock 2.3 tire
Echo 46mm rim
Nimbus ISIS hub
KH 137/165mm cranks
Welgo pedals

All said and done it weighs in at around 6.6kg. No featherweight but almost 2kg lighter than the last time I posted it.

I can’t wait to get a wider frame again. All my fat tires won’t fit in the skinny KH frame.

dx frame?

KH29 with brake mounts for a 26" wheel…

Nice Muni! But I though the KH29 frame could take the 26X3" tires? Or is it one of you monster tires?:stuck_out_tongue: