Got my new KH saddle........

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Well I got my new saddle yesterday and it is a newer revision than the one that broke. Feels stiffer…granted it is new. There is a lot more of a cusioning effect that my old seat, as a matter of fact I sink into this seat so much that I had to raise my seat post height a little bit.
Only thing I don’t like is that the seat material is different. My original seat was made of a leather like material and this new seat is made of a thin nylon material. Maybe I’m just not used to it yet and I did only ride it in the driveway for a few minutes last night but the nylon seems to create more fiction between your legs and the seat than the old leather material does. Plus it just looks cheaper, looks like a way to save a few pennies. I could be wrong but the new material looks like it’d be much easier to rip than the leather material.
Anyhow, I am going on a rugged 7+ mile ride today after work (if the thunderstorms cooperate) so I’ll give a more fair and balanced opinion tonight after some good trail time in the saddle.

i’d like to say a toast to you,

may you and your unicycle have many happy rides together experiencing the comfort and style of the KH Velo seat, just let the phrase the Velo seat slip off your tounge…:slight_smile:

After a 7.5 mile ride on rooty, rocky trail with a nice little mix of north shore and recant any and all negative comments I had about the new seat! The new revision of the KH saddle is a huge improvement over my old KH seat. :smiley:
I can’t wait to see what’s in store with the model that will be released later on this year!

Hmm…that didn’t make a lot of sense… :smiley:
I think ya’ll get what I was saying though…I recant all my negative comments.

Well my United came with a KH saddle so other than the cheapo saddles that you get when you first buy a Sun (the uni I’m sure most of us have learned on) it’s the only saddle I’ve road. I like the look of those Myita saddles. Anyone recomend buying one? Also is there any saddle better than a KH?

Do all the improvements and modifications mean we all have to turn into those old people who trade in for a new Lincoln every year?

I got my KH saddle about six months ago. Do I have a good one or not? Seems comfortable enough to me.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Did you get a KH signature seat or one of the off-brand seats? Some of the off-brand KH style seats, like the Torker, are using a thinner nylon style covering. I haven’t seen the newest batch of KH signature seats so I don’t know what kind of covering they’re using now.

The newest KH seats, like the one I got this week has the nylon cover instead of the old thick leather cover. That’s my only gripe but I’ll give it a chance and see how it holds up!

I got the one that came with the Yuni freestyle uni with the hookworm tire as of late last year. From

By off-brand do you mean knock-offs? Can I get one of those outside of Bloomingdales?

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Off-brand are the ones without the Kris Holm signature. They’re the Torker’s and the Vello, and others. The KH signature seats are going to be the best quality ones and have the more expensive fabric options. The off-brand ones can choose thinner seat cover material and make other choices to lower cost.

but what Zod is saying here is that he has a new KH signature seat that has a thinner/cheaper fabric anyway…

(yes it has the KH sinature)

i know what he is talking about too since ive seen one first hand.its like a thin almost spandex type material.not at all like the vinyl on the older ones.

(yes it has the KH sinature)

You only had to replace your old Lincoln when it wore out. The difference for us lucky unicycists these days is that the “new” Lincoln is improved from the old one! In the past, it would be a new copy of the same old seat.

Miyata was similar to this in the 80s, with many small changes to their plastic (nylon?) seats. The original ones had only one bolt on the front bumper. Then they went to two. Then they changed the underside to make it stiffer. Then they changed the top of the seatpost to go with that. Then they added a third bolt on the front bumper. Then they added a handle to the front bumper. Everything was an improvement except the switch to Chinese manufacture. They’re still trying to recover from that in my opinion. But they’ll get the front handles straightened out. I just hope they continue to improve the design in the coming years.

My new 29er (Yuni) also has a new KH seat. Not sure if it’s the signature model, but I think it is. It has a grippy nylon-like cover. At first I was concerned that it might be too grippy, but two laps around the 10 mile course at Laguna Seca say otherwise. I didn’t think about the seat at all, except the handle. That means the padded part is good! The handle could use some thickening at the front. Yes, my hand got tired from gripping the thin plastic for that long lap. I think the new handles will be on the next generation of seats.

Another thing I noticed about the new seat is that the whole seat overall is not as thick so the seat doesn’t sit as tall. That’s half the reason I had to raise my seat…at first I thought it was because it was more cushiony (is that a word?). I guess when they changed to a more effective padding they didn’t need as much height to the seat.

The nylon material just looks cheap compared to the old pleather material Jagur…but if it holds up I actually like the nylon feel more.

Re: Got my new KH saddle…


whatever,i give up :thinking:

Well, if you re-read my first impressions I did say I had ONLY just put the seat on and rode around the driveway real quick. I think I was still just used to the old seat. Once I got out and rode it for some miles and got used to the slightly different feel I liked it more. The initial feel of friction must have simply been me over analyzing.

Yeah mine is a signature.
Or at least it has his signature on the back.

I didn’t like the leather because it ripped around the seat frame too easily. My trials uni has a gash through the leathery stuff on the left side that goes from the front seam to the seatpost area, where there’s a few strands still attached, to the rear seam… It’s close to that situation on the right. I hope the nylon is better in that regards. Also, my first-gen muni seat has bolts that loosen very quickly, and is also flexy. The trials seat has proven to pretty durable otherwise, though.

The first thing I do with a KH seat is go by 4 lock nuts and replace the acorn nuts that hold the post to the saddle. Lock nuts won’t loosen. $0.57 upgrade :wink: