Good cotterless crank

I kinda bent a crank on my lx. They arn’e the original ones but is there a good crank that is cotterless that will take some abuse I only bent it of a nine set I jump off daily.

A 9 set is big…I don’t know how long your axle will hold up to that…

profile:p. well they are “cotterless”.

assuming you’re looking for a strong set of square taper cranks try these




[SIZE=2]Real lame mate.

on UDC they have dotec cranks and black widow cranks which I’ve heard are very strong, but I ahve not had any personal experience with them.

Small stairs its like maybe five and a half feet in total height I don’t know its length and if you had a nine set in your driveway you would jump it. And my The only original torker parts I have are the frame and seat.

i broke the original cranks and i replaced them with steel ones. then at the naucc in utah i bent my axle so i wouldnt be doing to big off drops and stuff with it.

Black Widows blow. I bent my pair of 170s on my old MUni after jumping off like a 2ft box. Granted my form was terrible but still, 80 dollar cranks shouldn’t do that. stay away from the widows unless you’re totally confident that you have really good landing form.

The Black Widow cranks are as strong or stronger than the typical alloy cranks that we were using back in the day. That would be back in 1998 or so. Back then they suited our needs and are/were a quality crank. Back then we also did XC style riding and only a few people were going big and jumping off of things.

Now the equipment has gotten better and stronger. You no longer have to be timid about jumping off of things for fear of breaking a crank or hub. Times have changed.

I still have three sets of Black Widow cranks (150, 160, 170). I don’t use them for muni any more. I do put them on the Coker and similar riding situations. They’re still a good crank when used in the right situation.

The advantage they have now is that they are available in several lengths from 150 to 175. And they are straight cranks with no (or minimal) flare.

They aren’t as stiff as some cranks, like the Kooka’s the better Shimano cranks. When I have them on the Coker I can feel the flex (just very minimal) when climbing. But they do the job.


Ya but i kinda don’t have much money:( Why else would I be riding an Lx