Goals for 2013

Just as the last thread of 2012
My list :slight_smile:
1handed tripleflip
100cm sif prehop
catch more tricks of sets
some sick flatland combos ,do a lot more street and trial

Wow so pro :slight_smile:

My goals are:
360 unispin
270 unispin
50cm high jump
rolling wrap and just more flatland tricks
50cm rolling hop

and to film a vid or 2

Year #3

Improve slow skills… hops, still stands, skinnies
Improve muni; esp. uphill roots and rocks==>Ride my regular route UPD-free
Build a 36er; learn to mount it
Improve road uphill technique and endurance
Ride 100 miles for 24 hour charity events - at least twice
Raise $5000 for those charity events
Ride the Asheville Muni Fest
Explore more muni trails
Find a local rider to ride with
Uni in at least 2 bike races… Urban Assault Ride… Looking for a sub 10 mile uphill bike event (50 mile mountain rides on loop circuits, decents = ascents, is too much rest time for the bikes)
No major crashes

720 unispin
at least 100 cm sif hop
do a lot more trials and street
make videos throughout the year
And find some more trials lines!
: )

Thanks, but I’m just hoping to have a great unicycle year :smiley:

multiday muni ride with friends :stuck_out_tongue:

get my son to ride with me a few times :roll_eyes:

travel north to ride, NAUCC :smiley:

do some snow riding on my new fatties :sunglasses:

My goals:

  • Take better care of my back so I'm not out with back problems
  • Train more consistently for long rides so I'm not out with knee problems
  • Ride most days and be happy

180 Unispin
Wheel Walk
1-Foot Wheel Walk
Gliding (My ultimate goal after all that wheel walking)
Generally get better at trials
40 mile 36er charity ride in May
More control of the ball while playing hockey!

Wow… My goals will be so lame in this list :o

But, anyways…

Rolling hops (if not finish this year)
Ride backwards
High SI hops
SIF hops
One foot riding
Wheel walk
Improve my XC riding

Ride with my wife more often.

Get a 100cm static side hop
Race downhill at naucc

Last year I finally did my “Marathon distance in one.” This year, at 50, it’s just ride as much as possible, and possibly do a 50 mile or 100 km ride. (But not “in one”. :astonished: ) Get back to some proper rough ground and maybe even do some writeups in this forum.

I want to ride my muni here next summer (without wetting my pants):

If that goes well, I might try here too:


Kjerag copy.jpg

Here’s a few of mine, might be a little ambitious:
720 unispin
varial roll
crankflip a six set
ride lots of street

2013 goals

Higher & more consistent SIF hopping.
Buy & master(?) a 36".
Improved giraffe riding.
Ride backwards - if there’s any year left!

And foremost - no injuries!

Ride more Muni. (Need to get in Muni shape :D).
Ride our 5 biggest local peaks.
Show my Giraffe who’s boss and learn some insane stuff to do on it.

Learn to shoot my bow from my unicycle??? Who knows…

2013 Goals

  • Master idling (about 75%-80% there so far)
  • Get a 36er
  • Learn to hop
  • Learn to mount with the other foot
  • Learn to ride backwards (at least a few revs)
  • Increase my endurance/overall fitness

Surprisingly not too many totally ridiculously impossible sets of goals there - are all the wonder-kids out partying? I have a pretty long list myself when I think about all the stuff I’d like to do, some very realistic, some rather aspirational, so I’m going to categorise them - curious whether anybody else has different sets like that:

hop up and down steps
do stuff with both feet / both ways round
transfer stuff I can do on my 19er to the 26er so I can make use of it in proper rides
use a 29er for muni
get comfortable on my guni (enough to ride in company on a mass-participation cycle ride)
take part in a mass-participation ride on the guni
ride MM again (I’m making the slightly wild assumption that what I did this year could be described as riding)
play my trumpet whilst riding
learn to play Entrée des Gladiateurs on my trumpet

SIF riding and hopping
rolling hop down a set of steps
kick-up mount

Oh and finally, in a new-years resolution sense:
to ride a uni every single day

step one.

-learn to ride more than a foot.
-wheel walking
-one foot WW
-riding backwards
-turn backwards
-don’t die

Some of these may be slightly ambitious…

  • Avoid hospital trips/ambulance rides.
  • Ride at least 2 more centuries this year
  • Explore more places to ride muni - ride muni more.
  • Learn how to 360 unispin.
  • Learn how to glide.
  • Do a marathon with no stops. (maybe under 1hr 45?)
  • Do more mountain bike races/rides.
  • Get better at rolling hops on the muni and get better at adjusting pedal position on the fly.
  • Learn how to 360 hoptwist.
  • Get less bad at still-stands, be able to do at least 30 seconds.
  • Get better at trials in general, and maybe be able to jump 75cm SIF?

As you’re in the UK (and not a huge distance away from me) I’m curious about what marathons and mountain bike races/rides you do. Would like to go out and do some organised events, but not sure what’s feasible.