Anyone have some wise words for learning how to glide?

Kris Holm, B.Sc. Geologist, Forestry Group, EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd.
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ha ha ha

:thinking: na i don’t think that’s too cool, seems a bit intrusive to have all his address and stuff there…

I can’t glide (either) tho, seems fairly impossible to me but I’ll definitely be doin it relatively soon.


Kris Holm asking how to glide, something you think you’d never see eh?

legitimate question i think, even from somebody who can glide verry well.

learning how to do some skills is incredibly difficulkt and time comsuming.
so teaching somebody how to do them becomes near impossible without a realy concise description of how the trick works.

i’d love to hear everbodys thougfhts on how to learn gliding.
i can’t realy glide, so it’d help me.

i’d like to hear about even simple stuff like how to free mount.
it makes me a better teacher if i can hear about otherpeoples teaching methods.

Wait wait wait, I thought this was like from 1990, it’s from 1999. You telling me the best MUni and Trials rider in the world couldn’t glide only 5 years ago?

Five years ago is probably when he found out gliding existed. Remember he never rode with other unicyclists until MUni Weekend 1998!

Yes, and since then we’ve learned not to put our address and email onto public posts like these. Hopefully all that information is no longer correct!


As long as no one quotes Kris’ message from 1999 then his address and contact info will not appear on R.S.U. on Usenet. The message is so old that it will no longer be on any news servers.

So everyone be kind and don’t quote Kris’ contact info in any new posts.

Oh my god!! those “more than human people” from the discovery channel have finally decided to take all the “super-humans” and clone them to make a race of superior beings!!!

by the way, they also cloned me…cause they simply thought I was amazing at stuff…yeah…stuff…

I’m learning how to glide too…ride one footed with your foot on the crown and apply some pressure to the tyre/tirethen remove your other foot and glide away!..

(repeat this a bazillion times)

Oh, and make sure you stay straight…

and it helps to make yourself comfortable without holding the handle that way you can use two hands to balance…


Gliding sure looks great. But with a job, and kids, a wife… I don’t have time for a “bazillion practice sessions”. And, I’m over 40.

Any suggestions, or do I just dream of gliding (and coasting)? –chirokid–

I’m telling you, just take 15 minutes per day comming back from work to chillax a little…as soon a syou start getting frustrated then just call it a day…

It’s actually quite safe as long as your foot doesn’t slip infront of the moving pedal…you know what i mean right?:wink: