Glide shoe: saving your soul and getting a grip

So a week ago I wore out my second shoe learning to glide. The shoe is actually still useable for other purposes, but not for gliding. I decided it was time to figure out how to wear out something that was easier to replace than my Ultimate 81’s.

My first thought was a replaceable surface. My first attempt was a failure, photos are here:

I waited a few days and explored other ideas, but today, everyone was closed for Memorial Day. I was stuck with Home Depot. I only found a free carpet sample, and decided to give it a try.

I was actually surprised to glide (downhill) a personal best. In addition the feel is more secure and comfortable. The carpet seems to provide a wider range of resistance with not much pressure.

Safety was an issue. The carpet is only about 1/8" thick, to 3/16" max. it doesn’t interfere at all with normal usage of your foot. It doesn’t slip. I cover more details, and construction technique on my unilog: , photos of the glide shoe are at

Your lack of color coordination is outstanding. :slight_smile:
Why the green laces?

These were the second pair of laces which came with my Mexico '66 shoes. They are grey (sage) with green (lime) stripes and grey laces.

Good idea. I use one of those coral reef walking shoes (the $10 ones) as my gliding shoe. I find that that way I can flex my foot and curl it around the tyre for extra grip and balance of the foot.


ya i have found i wore out my shoe really quick i can’t crank grab now because my sweet spot is were i put my foot on the pedal so i slip off all the time! i have an idea though…
Look out for some stuff called shoe goo it’s designed to rebuild shoes i have some somewhere from my skateboarding days now that wrecks shoes worse then gliding!i might try it sometime if i can find it!i will post some pictures if i find it!

I saw Tom Jackson actually glide 18" on his 47th attempt last night in Seattle. The 18" didn’t even put any wear on the carpet sample. What a great, high-tech solution to a problem that clearly does not exist.

LOL :smiley:

One man’s inch is another man’s mile.

Hey Harper,

Just because you’re under the 18" milestone, no reason to be rude. :slight_smile: I used to wear out some shoes too:


18 feet is not that far is it?i have done 100 revs to get to that my shoe is like johns!

I am exactly 18" under the 18" milestone. In all fairness, Tom was trying to do this in the rain on irregular and unfamiliar surfaces. But fair is rarely my game.