"Glengarry Glen MUni"

Here’s a short parody I made of the Alec Baldwin scene, from the movie “Glengarry Glen Ross”, but with a MUni theme lol! :smiley: I shot it out of sequence, and had to make some quick clothing changes, then piece it all together like a puzzle! :stuck_out_tongue:

(If you haven’t seen the original scene from the movie, cut & paste the link at the bottom!


Pretty funny and creative

hmm, works when I try it:o

Oh cool, glad you could get it to play! Thanks very much.:slight_smile:

I’m getting “no longer available”. I’ll try later.

It worked for me yesterday, but I didn’t really have time to watch it and now it doesn’t work today…

Ahh…, Terry… You have the video set to private, so you have to be logged into Youtube to watch it. I cleared my cookies this morning, so that’s why it didn’t work.

Haha, that gave me a good laugh. Don’t stop making these hilarious skits. It makes everyone want to watch, weather they like the style you ride or not (muni, trials).

Before your vids, I wasn’t much of a muni fan, but whenever I see a vid from you, its bound to make me crack up, and it makes the whole thing enjoyable.

You’re a funny dude :stuck_out_tongue:

Terrific. Man!

Jack Lemon would have stopped drinking coffee till he rode muni! Very real! Ha!

I watched it today, Great Skit Terry, As for Links,

This works.

I watched it today, Great Skit Terry, As for Links,

This works.

EDIT: Or this


haha thats funny, especially the puppet. Mad :roll_eyes:


classic Terry :slight_smile:

muni is for closers only!

That was really good. Now I’m going to have to rent Glengarry Glen Ross. Heard it was very good, but never got a chance to see it.

haha! nice! i have finally watched all your vids!!
except the ones that isnt “available in my country” :frowning:

I’m glad I saw that – quite funny. I saw the original GGGR on the Bway stage (yes, I’m an old geezer). Well done!

Hahahahahaha hilarious!