Giraffe Seat

Ok: got the giraffe, got the t-bar seat, got the adaptor (thanks Roger) to
allow me to change the seat post & seat.
But are there any considerations to remember when looking for a giraffe
seat? Most of those I have seen appear to have rather differently shaped
seats than the usual base unicyle, but why does this seem necessary?.
When I replace the T-bar, what do I need to bear in mind? Apart frtom
ease of freemounting, is there anything else I should consider. Would a
standard Myata be OK? if not why not?

Many thanks in advance for the advice on this.

John S

Giraffe seats are not different from regular unicycle seats. Perhaps the giraffes you’ve seen have been of different brands than the regular unicycles you’re familiar with.

The main important consideration for a giraffe seat is that you want the nose to be up a little. Any brand of seat should be okay, but beware of a low nose. It’s easier on a giraffe for the seat to shoot out between your legs to the rear if you hit a bump or something.

John Foss is absolutely right. The Saddle of the Nose should be tilted up a bit, not to far. Stayed away from the Savage Saddles.
They designed for Kids and smaller Adults. I would like to try out the Velo Saddle on the Giraffe as I think there is a recent thread about it where I can’t find it. The Miyata Saddle should be not a problem and same as for the Semcycle Saddles. DM’s Saddles could be ok. Other Saddle’s can also be good. There are other’s will logged on to have their say JayS, Keep reading your thread.


The Savage Seat is absolute torture. I now have a Miyata seat on mine and its fine for parade length rides.

On a side note: Get in the habit now of dismounting by letting the seat roll forwards. Its 2 wks and 2 days since I dismounted wheel in back (which jammed into the misjudged curb as I was coming down and sledgehammered my tailbone) and I’m still sitting funny.

I should be able to do some light MUni this weekend (I hope).

I’m really Jonesing.

Change that to letting the WHEEL roll forwards. sorry