Getting paid to unicycle?

Hey everbody…

My dad works for the local parks department, They have restored an old park to its former 1900’s glory. There is going to be a big open day, and my dads boss wanted a juggler and unicyclist! My little brother juggles and im a unicyclist! So we agreed to do it for two sunday afternoons. The best thing about it is i get paid to ride my unicycle! £200!! (thats $350 to all you americans)

See ya

That is so awsome!! Thats like $500 australian dollars!

starting next saturday im going 2 get paid 2 a unicycling billboard for a pet store…the pay will be nice pay 2 7 dollars an hour…i had previously did the job but the "let me go becouse not enough ppl driving past were paying any attention 2 the sign i was holding …but once they heard of my new found unicycling skill they want me 2 hold the sign while unicycling which will attract tons of attention

i hope i dont cause any accidents
i almost caused an accident and i dont want it 2 happen again (long storry)


haha u lucky guy…thats an easy £200 right there!
I got paid to teach a guy how to unicycle but he only paid me £20 :frowning:


Sure is! It will be going towards an Onza 20" trials, i think. Or the 24" koxx track monster!

Schweet! I have heard that its hard to turn on the Koxx Track Monster but i dont know, personally i’d get the Onza:D


I got paid to do a demo at the Madjeski Stadium in Reading where I used to live it was the BHIS bike helmet initiative trust open night and it was called the david coultard evening because he was founder or something, I was on the front cover of a local magazine and got paid 100 but I was only 13 so maybe it would be more if I did it now, now that i am legal to work

Get the 24" freeride with discount! AND IM NOT JEALOUS OF YOU GETTING PAID TO UNICYCLE AT ALL.

I wish I got paid…

Thats awesome, my friend mike was riding his uni to the store right down the street from our houses, and a lady pulled him over and asked if he wanted a job riding his uni in the renisance (spelled that wrong lol) fair, to bad i decided to sleep in or i would of been riding with him and probably both of us would of got the jobs =p

Here’s an idea:

Be sure to check with the law first.

If i go to a store, or a well crowded area, i could ride my uni, and play guitar, same time of course and do a little street performing, but you got to get liscence to legally do that =p

not in canada you dont…good idea.

i wish igot paid to do something i love doing

My dad offered to pay me $50 if I would STOP riding my uni in his driveway, and hopping up and down the porch!:wink:

i spent christmas eve unicycling and handing out some candy’s to children, this was during work hours and so i got paid to unicycle

theres a theme park near where i live caed camalot. They usaly have gesters riding around on unicycles seams like a massive doss.

I might go get a summer job there or try to atleast

-Easy $10

I was just out riding one day along a street and a lady pulled over and handed me $10. She said that she had recently moved to the area and she didn’t like the city at all. She said I was the first local to make her smile. I was like yea!! Free dinner!!

haha that reminds me of the time my mate pete was pushing his unicycle(a Schlumpf) and this guy bet him £1 that he couldnt ride it… :roll_eyes:

Easy £1 right there


There are circus agency’s all over I think that if your willing to you can get yourself registered, Ive worked at some random places hehe.