getting my mom convinced

my mom won’t let me get a unicycle. She says that they are too dangerous. I really want one since I have been juggling and all for about 2 years, and this is the next step. Could you guys post positive stuff about unicycling and tell other people about this?


Great way to start this Germy…

Its exercise!
Its fun!
Its safer than you think!
Its … fun!

Thats about all I have to say.

tell her if you can have a uni you want to get in to dh mountain bikes :slight_smile: im sure she would rather let you spend 500-800 on a top end uni rather than 5000-8000 on a dh machine

tell her unicycling is much safer than bicycling, and is very good exercise. Also tell her unicycling will help you build up your fragile self esteem, you’ll build life skills that will last you a lifetime, and,(you say) “gosh darnit, let me do what I want for a change! I’m not a mama’s boy! I’m a big boy now!”

If that doesn’t work, nothing will.:wink:

Its not that dangerous at all. Most top riders do not have any serious injuries, much less a kid just starting out.

It’s not nearly as dangerous as you’d think. You always fall forwards or backwards right on your feet when learning, just like getting off. It’s only as dangerous as you make it, ride within your comfort zone and you’ll be fine.

Safety is why I really got into unicycling. I got hit too many times commuting by bike. As soon as I switched to unicycle commuting people started to give me room.

Also: when learning you almost always land on your feet. Don’t let her see any good Muni videos :wink:

it is a lot safer than a lot of things for example:
my sister broke her wrists on her first pair of roller blades the first day she had them…

I have yet to break anything from unicycling minus a couple of scrapes and bumps.

plus it is a ton of fun and it will make you happy!! parents love happy kids,

and tell her by purchasing this item you will be stimulating the economy :wink:

If you keep your head about yourself, it’ll be quite safe. Rashness has gotten me what few minor injuries that I’ve picked up. And little kids can do this stuff!

Check the link out in this thread:

if you can, make it like you are talking to my mom
I’m gonna show this to her when I get enough posts

Explain to her that not a single person has ever died unicycling. Also, tell her that the reasons behind this are:

  1. Much easier to fall off in control than most other wheel-related activities. This is because the unicycle has a fixed wheel, that as long as your feet are on the pedals you have complete control over what the wheel will do, as opposed to rollerblading where movement is based purely on gravity, and friction against the ground. Also, it is safer than biking because you don’t have a long bar to get one foot over, it is very easy to fall onto your feet.

  2. You can’t go very fast on a unicycle.

  3. The injuries that do occur from unicycling are relatively minor, and will very rarely result in any permanent damage.

Also mention that it will help you have better self discipline and self esteem. It also may be wise to mention that it is good to get slightly hurt every now and then, because eventually it won’t matter as much to you if you get a little scrape or bruise, and this is useful because you will undoubtedly get more scrapes or bruises in the future, and it takes a strong character to get past these mildly inconvenient moments. Also, good excersize obviously. Hobby… fun… nice community… finding your place in life… etc…

Say you’ll wear a helmet.

It’s very safe
You go a LOT slower and you have better balance.
If you fall off, you land standing up.
And it’s just way cute!

By the way, you play sax? that’s tight! Jazz??

Yeah, i play alto sax for normal band and tenor sax for jazz band

sick. I’m a jazz pianist myself.

Say you’ll run away and join the circus.

Say you’ll run away and join Corporate America.

Failing that, point out that such achievers as Bode Miller (Olympic downhill skier), Dr. David Brown (Navy A-6 & F-18 pilot, former circus performer & astronaut (unfortunately killed when the Columbia went down)), Adam Carolla & Rupert Grint (actors) all unicycle. It teaches, balance, coordination, self-esteem, and will not prevent your mother from ever becoming a grandmother (I’d like to go uni right now, but I have to wait until my wife wakes up and can take care of our son ;))

Unless she’s paranoid about becoming a grandmother too young… then tell her it will prevent it :smiley:

Link to David Brown’s bio:

You seem to have very bad luck with cars.

It’s a proven fact that people who practice physical balance sports are also better at emotional balance.

She should encourage ANY activity that isn’t sitting on a coach playing video games. Show her some stats on obesity rates among your age group.

I meet many more folks in my town that I otherwise would not have met if I was riding my BMX.