Getting into Trials, need help

Hey ya’ll, I’m interested in getting into trials, but I am still debating on which unicycle to get. I currently have a Torker Unistar LX 24", but I know the it can’t handle drops and the bearing setup is obscure preventing me from purchasing a stronger wheel. This leads me to wanting a 20" trials uni.

Being a college student, money is a major issue. Whatever I get, it has to be under $300. I am debating between:

Nimbus Trials Uni 20"

Qu-Ax 20" Cross Unicycle

Torker Unistar LX 20"

Now I understand that the Nimbus and the Qu-Ax have square taper axles and are weaker, but I don’t think I will be doing any drops more than 10 inches before summer (when I will have the cash for a stronger wheel). I plan on buying a new Kris Holm hub and crankset come time I need bigger tricks if I get one of the first two that I am debating. The concern I have about the Torker DX is the weight and future compatability. Is the DX unlike the LX in that it is compatable with aftermarket products? Either way, thanks for your time.

well u get he splined issue… honestly for the price u might as well get the DX now…

if u really dont think u’ll go big then i guess the nimbus… but it’ll cost u loads to get the kh wheelset later…


How does the stock DX hub & crankset stack up against the Kris Holm Moment setup( )?
I learned how to build wheels a while back so I figure I’ll could build one up.

Oh, and do you know about any compatability issues with the DX?

well the DX is a pinch bolt type, so people dont like it as much cause you canhit ur ankles on it. I dont think it breaks very often at all its a very good hub/crank

no the DX is pretty compatible, well the cranks arent ISIS cranks or anything, but the frame is a std trials frame, and the seat is standard fit unlike the LX/myata.

the only thing people seem to break is the frame, and thats cause the 06 frames were defective/really bad…

its a very tough wheelset. I think its just heavier…

Cool, thanks dude. Yeah, I was reading that people were breaking the seat-tubes off. Actually found a video of it happening. Do you know what the difference is between a LX wheel and a standard wheel? Cause it is looking like I might have to hold off on getting a Trials, but I can’t keep riding the LX I have until I do some upgrading (at least the seat and pedals).

well the LX wheel has a 20" rim instead of a 19" rim like trials uni,
but you can replace the LX wheel with any other 20"-19" wheel as long as the tyre fits in the frame and the frame can only fit up to 2.3" tyres and trial tyres are 2.5"

not sure what you mean exactly.

And seatposts snap quite often but if u get a nie strong crmo one it wont break, and on an LX the first thing that will break will be the cranks/hub or the rim

if you’d like to build one up, here are a few specs you might look into.

United steel seatpost - $10
Nimbus 2 frame - $40
Kris Holm Moment Hub/cranks - $140 (get 137s btw)
Kris Holm rim - $37
spokes - around $15
Wheelbuild - Free(by you)
KH street saddle - $50
Snafu pedals - $30

total: $322

ouch, a little pricey…:frowning:

Nimbus colored frame-$25
KH moment hub/crank set-$137
United seatpost-$10
Nimbus trials rim-$35
Nimbus gel saddle-$37
Primo super tenderizer pedals-$23
Total-$267 same as a Dx but way lighter (spokes can be picked up at Lbs and you wheel build)

yeah bcwheelriderguy has an ok set up.

But $267 then you have to buy the spokes and wheebuild so even then its abit more pricey.

One thing I seem to have run into while looking at a custom build is that all the Nimbus frames use 40 mm OD bearings, while both the splined hub/crankset assemblies on use 42 mm OD bearings. It’s looking like I might want to wait till the summer and get a Kris Holm 20" so I can have future compatability. It seems that most splined axles use 42mm OD bearings, is this true? Thank you all for your help, I really appreciate it.

Yes, the nimbus frames are 40mm.

But, users on here have used there Nimbus II frame, and put 42mm bearings into them, and have been using that setup for years.

Its is true, most unicycles are in 42mm. The main brands, KH, and Koxx, both use 42mm bearing, but then again, Profiles are a 40mm bearing. Its just gonna be a lot easier fitting small into big, instead of big into small.

So the 42mm bearings will fit into the Nimbus frames alright? Also, what is the standard spacing between bearings, cause I believe that is what is different on my Torker Unistar LX. I hate to say it, but it is looking more and more like I’m gonna have to stretch out the life of the ol’ LX till new unicycle day.

From what the other people have said who have tested it. Yes, the 42mm bearings will fit the 40mm nimbus II frame… Thats why im buying a KH hub for my Nimbus II. =p

For the spacing, I really dont know.:o

The lx is good uni, specially for freestyle. You can still use it to practice with until you get your new uni, Just keep all drops small, and work more on the technical aspect of riding. Then youll get really good and precise on your riding, and not worry about breaking your uni.

Well, I know one thing, the current LX saddle has to go, thing just don’t hug the most improtant areas correctly. Kris Holm Freestyle Saddle or Nimbus Gel, what do ya’ll think?

Havent really got a chance to try the gel that much, but I really love the feel of the KH saddle.

Both are really good, and lots of people use both kinds and say great things about them.

Too bad the Miyata style seat doesnt work for you, cause those are good too. Just a little wide.

yeah for saddles, you’ll have to get a new seatpost… as for which to get… if your gonna be doing trials then its got to be the KH trials/street saddle or the koxx-one saddles.

Persoanlly i ride a koxx-one and they are great. The nimbus gel has a good reputation but thats all i can tell you. Some people dont like gel seats, others love them

nimbus 2 all the way. just buy the whole thing. strong, cheap.

And has an easy compatability options to upgrade into a splined hubset. =p

Thanks ya’ll. I’ve got an itching for trials like nothing else…Fat tire fever!!

I have a Nimbus Hoppley, which is basically a Nimbus II frame on a KH05 wheelset. It’s very strong, but a bit over your budget.

I would recommend getting the DX, and then, if/when the frame breaks, you can get a $42 Nimbus II frame and have an even better (stronger, lighter) trials uni than you had to begin with. Cody (unicaw89) has a DX and he does multiple 8ft drops on it. The only thing that he broke was his frame, and that was doing a small drop (I think it was a unispin) off a table. But still, it can take dozens of 8ft drops, so it’s great for it’s price.

Don’t worry so much about the weight of the uni. If you haven’t had anything to compare it to, it won’t make any difference in your riding abilities.