Getting in the right frame of mind!

Hello, I’m an enthusiastic trails rider at the moment and i feel I’m improving reasonably fast, i think physically I’m in fairly good physical shape and technique wise I think I’m getting better because usually I land well in the middle of the ledge I’m aiming to jump on. What i feel is the problem is sometimes I have a mental block. Usually when i prepare to jump i get to scared and i bail out at the last minute. To rectify this i have to practice jumping on something allot lower and build up. But even so i think i’ve got to a level where mentally I just don’t think i can make the jump it seems to big and I bail out even though i can jump about a centemeter lower and land 6 or so inches inside the ledge. So I’m wondering, do any of you experience the same problems and if you do what do you do to get in the right frame of mind, i hear listening to music helps, is that true and if it is are there any other things you do.

That’s called your brain, warning you that something might go wrong. Some people have this, others don’t. Those others are usually the ones who scoff at helmets…

In my experience, success leads to confidence. Do some smaller jumps and work your way back up. Pad up, if you aren’t, and you may also feel more confident.

Commitment is crucial and often a person is at higher risk of injury if they bail mid-stream, rather than committing to it and going for it.