german trials video - wiener schnitzel

Once again a new video with good lines of Lutz and me in Vienna:

direct link - wiener schnitzel

Have fun!
Lutz, Rocco

I want to ride like that! Great video thanks!:smiley:

Your thread title makes my mouth water…

…mmm, schnitzel!

I’m trying to download your video, but your server is SLOOOOWWWW! I’ve got a frickin’ dedicated T1 line into my office, but I can’t get any better than 10 kbps… it’s gonna take well over an hour to download… can’t you upload it to YouTube or something?

Nice to see the boot dance in the background in the last scene.

I have put it on my server to is the link. Hope you enjoy it.

That was absolutely amazing. It’s great to see a good trials video once in a while! :slight_smile: Keep up the good work!

Awesome riding skills; always a pleasure to watch! But I don’t think the music was a good match to your otherwise “Vienna meat.” :slight_smile:

Great vid, nice riding! I’ve finally found someone who rides just as I do! I see lots of similarities between Lutz’ riding and my riding. Every hop is prehopped, when doing big hops you tend to move your upper body towards the seat (How’s your back, does it hurt?), and pedalgrabs are pedal on the object is the backpedal. We also seem to share a passion for technical trials. Nice to see!

I did, I did! There was some nice precision movements there… I liked the rail riding.

wow you are so good

i would apreciated it very very much if you would load it to gallery…

my stupid virus firewall wont let me get to it.

great video

Another great movie from the crazy German’s :stuck_out_tongue:
Very cool trialslines and high seat in hops to :astonished:


this guys are really good…

smooth trial!
i loved the other video called trialpoint.

thanks man! that was awsome. nice riding :]

very awesome video… what kind of unicycles do you guys have?


@t Amanda: I think you overlooked that both people are the same, because Rocco is so bad in trials riding, we only changed our shirts and helms and I ride both parts.

@t Erant: The thing with my back is my biggest problem, because I can’t land big ups controlled. Due the fact of this, I do all high ups, on small rails, with a pedal grab, only ups to tables or big walls I do directly.

Yeah, I have the same problem, I’m really working on trying to get my back straight. It not only gives me instability problems, it also HURTS after a day’s hard riding.

If there are still some Problems to watch it, its now also online at as .wmv and .mov file
In “Bottrop” and “Rocco Schulz” in the movies area you will find more stuff from Lutz and Rocco and some other Riders.