geared uni's

Just wondering, has anyone put gears on a uni? How about a giraffe?

Yes, many long threads have been written on the subject. Use that tiny search button up there (assuming you’re using the online forums), and search on words like gearing, shift, gears, multiple speed, and epicyclic hub.

Note to Gilby:
The search feature is a powerful aspect of the online forums. I wonder if it should be more prominently featured, because I think most people don’t see it until someone points it out to them. It needs a bigger piece of real estate!

way ot:
I like to use google to search the forum. Just go to and run the search of what you are looking for. It seems to give better results compared to the forum’s search and google provides a link back to the forum for easy browsing.

And remember kids, fire is fun but it’s also hot.