geared uni?

where do i buy a geared unicycle?
wheres the cheapest price?

Schlumpf Innovations makes the only commercially available internally geared unicycle. David Stockton of LiveWire Unicycles is producing Pete Perron’s chain drive geared Coker.

what about that guy that makes like all those uniques uni’s the unicycle factory? in indiana somewhere would he make one for me?

unicycle factory would probably cost even MORE than what a schlumpf would cost, because of all the ordering and building ONE guy has to do

About 800 quid from Roger for a Schlumpf is the cheapest for one with gears inside the hub.

If you wanted a geared giraffe, you could just change the chainwheel on a normal giraffe to gear it up. A geared giraffe is the only cheap way to get a geared uni.