Geared Giraffe?

would it be possible to make a geared giraffe unicycle? has anyone done it yet

Yes, it’s been done before

Geared up has been done before as you can see in that link. However, we’re you looking to be able to shift while riding?

The crank system on a giraffe is essentially identical to a bike bottom bracket, which means you could use the Schlumpf Mountain Drive, the original inspiration for the unicycle hub. But it looks like Schlumpf isn’t manufacturing them anymore.

You can build your wheel on a fixed geared hub (e.g.

i was thinking more alone the lines of the schlumpf hub, being able to change gear while riding

You could use a Schlumph in the wheel, and rig some little levers to shift it while sitting up there. Pull a string, it pulls the lever and boom! Shifted.

So how much are you willing to invest in a giraffe? Actually, this idea would work best with the earlier (non-muni) version of the hub. Otherwise you’d need a custom frame with the right bearing holders. Actually you’d need that in any case. But a cusrom frame would still be cheap compared to the hub…

How would you drive the hub? :thinking:

EDIT: You could attach a Right-hand bike crank to both of sides of the hub, cut the crank arms off, and attach a chain wheel to both of the cranks. Then, attach the Bottom Bracket and crank with a chain wheel either side, and you’d have a Schlumpf-twin chain Giraffe. :sunglasses:

Or, you could use a Schlumpf and build it into a stack… :sunglasses:

The easier solution has surely already been given - use a fixed gear hub designed to be used as a hub, rather than adapting a Schlumpf. The only issue is how much backlash you get in one of those. No problem with changing gear - just run the gear cable up the frame to the seat.

Its been done…

I still have it. Several way to do it. This one has second gear locked up leaving 1st and 3rd with no freewheel on a five footer with shifter mounted below the seat on the seat post.