Is anyone still riding GB4 frames or are they too out dated?

I believe AspenMike is still riding his GB4 36" and 29": Pictures of your latest ride

I still ride Schwinns (my Giraffe). And my 45" wheel, which was made in 1982. I have a GB4 29" frame, which has travelled to Japan and Switzerland for 700c Track and MUni racing. It was most recently used in a criterium race in May, and for a MUni ride afterward. It’s my 29er and there’s nothing outdated about it.

I am still riding my GB4 36" frame here in Norway.

alright thanks Ive got a 24 muni it needs some work and I wasnt sure if i should fix it up or just get a new 24. I think im going to fix it.

put some pictures up!


You got any pics of the 45" John?? I have never heard of a wheel that big… how do you get spare tyres for it???

Aspen Mike was ridin a GB4 29er when we met lst week in Glenwood Springs, also has the handle, still looks great, also riding a square spindle hub and some 175 Shimano XT cranks :slight_smile:

I think the bearings are 40mm, but other than that, the frame should be fine to refurbish.