**Gap Competition**

After the completion of the highjump competition (1st, 2nd and third places all filled), I wanted to start a second one.:slight_smile: Yay! Another friendly competition to help riders push their limits and win some freaking pixels.

The gap distance will be 7ft 6in.


  1. Can’t have landed it before.
  2. Must be 7’6"/90 inches/229cm and Static. Prehops are allowed, forwards or sideways, but no rolling allowed. Can be seat in or seat out, your choice.
  3. Between two level obstacles. A few inches difference in hight will be acceptable, but nothing substantial.
  4. Obstacles must be at least two inches down to the ground in between. This is so we can see that you clearly landed the jump. Grass, lines in concrete, paint, etc - it’s hard to tell if you landed the jump. Pallets are the obstacle of choice for this.
  5. Clear shot of measuring tape from one end to the other.
  6. 1st, 2nd and 3rd get following siggy tag.

*)—’:D, 7.5ft Static Gap

*)---':D, 7.5ft Static Gap

If this is too much for you, make a similar trophy for 5/6ft. Go wild.

Ill enter for 6ft (183cm) and i am currently on 170cm.Man i though joe hodges static gap was like 229cm

hey, i’ll enter in this for the 90 inch. It’ll give me more reason to ride and film. I can land like 5-6ft i think…

I know its not substantial, but whats the limit on difference in height (downwards) from obstacle to obstacle?

How bout a little handicap for my age and heavier uni?

Holy cr#p! that’s a long gap from flat to flat! Especially doing it on my KH 24" Muni with the heavy LM rim, but I’m in! Yesterday, I gapped a section that had to be at least 5 1/2, maybe 6 feet and I was going slightly up to the other side!

It was a trench that had been carved out by recent rains. I’m going there again today with a group of ppl and I’ll bring a measuring tape and video cam to document it. So…do I get a little break on the required distance because og my age and heavier, larger uni? Lol.:o

No handicap terry, sorry. I’ve seen a good 24" rider gap gap 7ft consistent. While the uni may be heavier, you can lean harder (due to greater diaper) and so go further.

You can always modify the siggy tag for 5 ft, 6ft, 7ft people, don’t let me hold you back.

Joe hodges can hit 8ft+ static.

And yet you still think us mere mortals will be able to hit 7’6"? :wink:

Im in.

Im In…

im in, i can get just over 5ft now.

I’m in ,too. :slight_smile:

Oh i Am so in this

im in too…!!! i will edit this post with video if i make it, have never measured my static gaps :o :smiley:

I tried to organise a Gap competition at the bar the other night, between the fellows who were missing teeth. I nearly earned myself a gap.

I suppose i could have a go at this, never measured my gaps before but i know i could do better rolling :stuck_out_tongue: anyways will have to work on that SIF sideways action i guess!!

im in for 6ft

I’m in

Is doing it using the two stick method alright? It can be really hard to find a gap that is exactly that size.

I can get around 5’6", so 6 feet isn’t far off. Im in for 6.

okay yeah, now i know part of what i’m against, i’m gonna go out and uni now lol.

Ok i landed it :).Here is my 6ft static gap http://nz.youtube.com/watch?v=R_Hv3juRuZQ