Furthest Distance On A Unicycle

Hey, does anybody know what the “world record” is for the longest distance travelled on a unicycle is in one trip? Some guy did about 9000 miles across america, is this the furthest? sounds pretty insane

also, what kinda coker can you get that has attachments for small amounts of luggage, can you get one at all? probably have to custom make one aye.


i dunno but ken looi once broke the world record by riding 378.7km in 24hrs on the 7th feb 2005, where he also set the 1hour record of 25.6km.

Hah, is that all? I reckon I can do better.

Yep, that was Lars Clausen:
9,136miles across 50 States in America.
Now that’s insane alright!

Good book too! :slight_smile:

My mate and I (tomtrevor) are thinking of doing 16,000km around Australia after grade 12 and have a year off before going to university. Could take a while to go that far aye?

Sounds like fun!

Make sure you document it whether you intend it as a WR ride or not. Because it will be if you finish :slight_smile:

Good luck!

I was thinking of doing something similar…You guys going unsupported? That would be a real challenge considering the distance between towns in Australia…So what are your plans? For my trip I was thinking east to west but thats way less than 16,000…You are planning a round-trip(north-south-east-west), aren’t you?

12 mile / 19km

but i got more paddings, chaffage hurts :slight_smile:

Wally Watts from Edmonton, Alberta rode around the world, about 12,000 miles, from 1976-78. There were one or more gaps in his ride, including one where he went home for a few months to work and build up his traveling money. This ride was done on a roughly 42" hard-tire big wheel, with a suspended seatpost and giant seat like a loaf of bread. Guinness did not recognize his ride because there was not enough documentation.

Pietro Biondo of Quebec, Canada rode around North America in 1983-4 on a custom-made low giraffe (air tire). The giraffe allowed him to use panniers for his stuff, and carry nothing on his back. His ride was also around 12,000 miles.

You can read about both of these rides in (back issues of) On One Wheel from the Unicycling Society of America.

The longest known ride without a dismount (according to the rider and at least one witness who was there) was 100 miles, in 1987 by Takayuki Koike of Japan. He set the current Guinness 100 mile record without a dismount. This was on a 42 or 43" wheel with an air tire.

oooh coool ! someone from quebec !!!

Im just wondering if he is still alive… I would like to talk to him.

i’d love to see you beat your own record eh, just let me know when you are going to attept it :stuck_out_tongue:

9,000? It’s only 3,000 across. Unless he he did it round trip! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes he did

would love to come but im in grade 8 and I dont posses a coker

hey, im Tom Trevor planning the 16,000km trip with Owen Downes (iridemymuni). we are planning to go clockwise around Australia and reaching every single capital city. the only problem being that the lap is 12,875 km which isn’t quite the record so we are thinking of going to like Alice Springs which is in the centre of Australia which will get th erecord but then it is like 4000km from any where and its desert and really hot. where do u rekon we could get a 36" unicycle with some kind of storage space. if its gonna take 6 months we will need to take a lot of stuff with us.

keep it wheel.

Your best bet would be a support crew in a vehicle following you and carrying your stuff. I can’t imagine lugging the amount of luggage required to be self sufficient even if you structure it as a credit-card tour. The distances between towns in the desert will kill you if you don’t carry enough water.

Have a look at the Unicycle photos from the AUT www.aut.unitours.org. The Minnesota riders fitted panniers to their unicycles. IMHO- I prefer to have everything I need in a small backpack/camelbak, and the support vehicle carry the rest. Although having said that panniers should be OK in Oz as it’s pretty flat,…but I don’t know how the other riders managed to lug those panniers over the Swiss Alps :astonished:

What sort of time frame are you thinking of doing it in? If you average 100km/day, it’s still going to take close to six months.

A support crew would be the smart choice…But unsupported just has something to it that makes you want to do it…Like Everest without oxygen…Australia would be real tough without a crew…Your personal gear will not weigh that much…Its just the food and water…You can get a refill at every town.But the distance between towns is really large…Carrying water for even 4 days would make things really tough on a unicycle…The safest bet would be a really high daily mileage with rest days at every town…

One option would be to bring along at least one cyclist with a trailer to carry your stuff.

Yeah we’ve got a lot of space to cover inbetween towns. I just hope my parents let me do it :P. I would prefer to do it unassisted because of the feeling like you’ve relaly achieved something bigger. We could get a guy on a bike with a trailer to go along with us but then it kinda kills the specialness of it. yeah it’s pretty flat the whole way

female east coast trip

Do you think it’d be possible to set some sort of record for a female pair unicycling the whole east coast of Australia?