funny unicycle tv promo -PAIN-

Hi all.
Have you ever seen
It come from a spanish tv, i think.

Now why would he throw a bicycle seat at a unicycle? :thinking:

That is just twisted.

Well, I know I’ll never think about a seat post in quite the same way ever again…:wink:


That commercial would never make it on American TV.

She’s happy, but she’s still a swimmer on the unicycle…

BTW, based on my limited Spanish, it’s a talent show, something about “Be a Star” or similar.


ouch indeed.

That was stupid.

I think it should be listed into the “thing not to do on a unicycle”…

Cause it’s too… “anal” or cause she isn’t good enough?

And, I also think it’s a talent show

well…that was disturbing.

reminds me of the thing on that robot chicken show when the nun pulls the seat off the bike and goes “hmmmmm”

Oh man, that’s just not right !

Not the best way to have a rectal probe…

Funny…in a disturbed, satanic way.

I don’t think it’s rectal hah

Hi everyone!

It is not a spanish tv ad because Tvn is not a spanish chanel,

The ad is in spanish but it has a latin-american accent…

Its funny anyway.

… this thread is why I dont post much anymore