Full Body back flips, discussion thread/ Competition thread.

Alright, I have wanted to learn how to do this for a while and am finally going to start my journey, I’ll have to learn them on my feet first though. So has anybody landed them yet or have any tips? I feel pretty confident that I’ll be able to get them, don’t get me wrong, I think it’s going to take a tremendous amount of work coupled with blood sweat and tears, but I do believe it is possible.

Today I made a friendly wager with my father for 1,000 us dollars that by the end of next years summer, September 25, I’ll be able to land them. Hopefully I’ll win, I think I might be able to, just maybe. I figured this would be sufficient motivation as this is a real bet, and I’m not made of money.

Technique on the back flips, this is the big part. I was thinking sif, so you could tuck and land on the tire if need be. As long as you can keep the seat of of your face and chest this seems to be the best most straight forward way since I’m not looking to do them off of anything.

Who’s with me to start training? This is a pretty big step in my eyes, it will get people to recognise our sport. I mean, crazy crank flips are all good, but to a random person they look similar, but a backflip is something recognizable by everyone.

How about we make a little sig thing for anybody that lands them on September, 25, 09. Instead of having only so many available, we can just put 1sr, 2nd and so on. Also, do you guys see me as crazy for thinking I’m going to learn this in a year, there seems to be a decent amount who didn’t believe they were really possible before unicon this year. Hopefully I’m not just making a fool of myself.

Having no knowlege of backflips on a unicycle, I believe the hardest thing would be gaining the correct rotating momemtum of putting the unicycle around would be the tricky part. But I also believe that Si would be easier since you get more body control. Are there restrictions about jumping off something? (try practicing on a trampoline?)

Ur f***ing crazy

Thats a little bit too crazy for my liking, I haven’t even done a back flip on the trampoline after kneeing myself in the face. But good luck too you.

I wish I was good as I am now back in like 2000, that way I could of been the best in the world. But now the sports getting too crazy. Stuff I wouldn’t even without a unicycle.

Nope, just have to land one. It seems to be that the back swinging motion will be hard to obtain/ control, but very possible. With si you would need to have a really high hop, with sif you wouldn’t need to jump half as high.

Unispin without a uni?

Oh, and you are crazy!

You, sir, are crazy for thinking I am. Why would you say I’m crazy.

This is a serious thread, so respond is such a way. Super cereal.

Hmm… Yeah, practice on a trampoline definitely, and then on a mini-trampoline to flat.

SIF would be the best i would think. I would attempt to put the seat forwards a little, and push as hard as possible and lean back, and start to curve your back a little, like a normal backflip (on feet), and then push, and pull the uni close into you, and tuck. The uni would give extra momentum.

No, don’t practice on a trampoline. You can still get seriously injured if you land on your head.

Do it in a foam pit


I be it would be easier to get the tuck and rotation on a BC wheel, someone should try that…

I was thinking a prehop then as you said leaning back and tucking.

It’s possible people, somebody has to do with with me. Do you people not want to be some of the elite few to be able to backflip? I’ll rub your nose in it.

I would feel safer (lol safe, thats a word that gets thrown right out the door) with a seat in hop because you can pull your feel into the pedals as you flip much more sturdyer (bad spelling). Try stacking up pallets 6-8 high and jumping off those. That way you don’t have to concentrated on height.

I don’t have either of those. I’ll do it in the snow/ water.

Ok fine, I’m in.

I’ve got snow, I’ve got a deck, and I’ve got balls


EDIT: I am in too… not going to try much though…

No. I don’t even enjoy jumping off pallets that high in any form. Flat is the way to go.

Eh, I’ll attempt it, i’ll try and land it on a trampoline, but first i need to learn to backflip on a trampoline in the first place.

We’re in the same boat. Honestly, I’d be happy just to have the confidence to go about learning this on a uni and getting it to flip backwards enough I wouldn’t hit my neck.

Wait, so is there like any rules for this comp?

Nothing wrong with doing them on a trampoline. Their a little too easy on a trampoline. Then you can practice them onto the ground then off of the trampoline frame.

I’d just suggest doing it into a pool.

Anybody in the comp or what? I’m not even good at unicycling. I’m 100% sure somebody could do this or at least get to the point of almost landing them come September…