?? from new student rider

  1. Does anyone use mtb bike style pedals - that kind with cleats that clip into a specific style pedal (Shimano, Egg Baters, etc.). If not, why not??

  2. Do most male riders wear something special to comfort their private parts, i.e. padded shorts, athletic type supporter, etc.? I find my private area gets a bit sore after a short time.

Thanks for help -

my short answers:

  1. I personally would never use clip in pedals. I like to be able to jump off if I am about to fall.

  2. I don’t feel like I need any protection down there. After a while I just got used to it.

  1. There are a few people out there who use clipless pedals, though most who try it don’t stick with it for long. I am recovering from a broken collar bone… think it through. Though in my case it was from shoelaces getting wrapped around the pedal while going fast on a 36" unicycle, it’s the same basic situation. When you need to unclip the pedals won’t stop for you, and there’s no time to waste. 99% of us consider it a very bad idea.

  2. Cycling shorts yes! For any extended amount of riding they’re a lifesaver. Most athletic supporters (the ones I’ve looked at) put the straps in the wrong place, so they’re not useful for unicycling.

cycling shorts or layered shorts of some kind of slippery material. a support cup will only make it worse.

clipless pedals are used by only a couple of riders, and are concidered kind of eccentric. Not suggested for anyone in the beginner/intermediate area.

I went to a Muni weekend several years ago where there was a rider using some sort of pedal clips. He would fall like the rest of us but I never saw him fall with his feet stuck to the pedals.

He also used clips to jump rope on a giraffe unicycle.

I don’t know what kind of shorts he wore. :roll_eyes:

Now THAT sounds dangerous! :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Not a good idea, but…
    I read of a guy who could jump higher because of them and he felt like he had more control. It took him a few weeks to get used to them before he could do anything challenging.

  2. Two sets of cycling shorts and Chamoix Butt’r

I’ve tried clipless pedals. I did feel like I had more control with them and I was able to hop quicker and more nimbly. It was a bit scary at first, but I never actually fell over. I was able to unclip fairly easily. I would be scared to do any big drops or anything because it would be likely for me to not be able to unclip. Also, with a clipless setup the ball of your foot is centered on the pedal. This means that if you were to do a big drop you could hurt your ankles. Most riders prefer to center the middle of their feet over the pedals to avoid this problem.

As for bike shorts, they are essential.


Definately good to have the center of your pedal directly under your arche for big drops to avoid tearing your achilies.

On most cycling shoes you can adjust the positioning of the cleat forward & back. Injury from drops would be less likely in the rear most position, but less power on uphills (I have the most control w/ the ball of my foot over the center of the pedal). Also you could grind out the slots for the cleats to move them back even more.