Okay. My unicycles are a torker dx and cx. I will learn freestyle. That’s a fact, not an empty string of words. It’s too bad that the cx is a 16 inch wheel. I need recommendations for every aspect of the unicycle i should get. I also have one other unicycle(i don’t know what its name is) thats 20 inches and freestyle sized wheel, but it’s got REALLY short cranks, to the point where i cant even free mount on my strong foot, or ride. I want to know a good crank size for a 20 inch wheel, uni recommendations, or anything else. Thanks


Its good to have really short cranks for a freestyle unicycle. They are ussually 125’s or shorter.

i have 90’s on my freestyle


How long is 125 or shorter(inches…), and is this a good unicycle?:

Nimbus II 20-inch Unicycle with ISIS hub (Blue)
Price: $215.00

New! ISIS splined technology has become a new standard in the cycling industry. ISIS hub/axle/crank arms are designed to withstand more torque than a hub with a square-tapered axle and crank arms.Please note, this cycle comes standard with Qu-Ax style ISIS cranks, designed as a beginner crank arm. For pro quality cranks, select Kris Holm ISIS Moment Cranks as an upgrade.

Please give me updates on this, and I should have enough money from street performing to buy this uni, but just barely.


Street, freestyle, and flat. I say that it wouldnt be bad for any of those, but i think its mainly better for freestyle.

If you are doing strictly freestyle and not jumping around too much I don’t see why something like a Torker LX would not be ideal.

Well, i dont think so, and my reasons are just.

I think he wants a real unicycle thats going to last him, and is of very good quality. Although the torker lx is a great learner unicycle, it just not that high of quality. At least with the nimbus 2 you get good quality and a good price. And its not a learner uni. I have ridden lx’s… theres just somthing about then that scream, “This is the unicycle i learned on”

My opinion about it.

Fair enough. I have never actually even seen a LX and basically suck at freestyle but like the flat top style frames better than the nimbus II style frames for resting my feet on the frame.

Ofcourse if you (the OP) wants to save money you can always adapt your existing 20" unicycle. What is all wrong with it other than the cranks are really short?

Yeah, we need to know.

Btw, scheroiehrgoihfg(cant spell your name, sorry:p)

The torker lx frame is a flat top(which you like) ,but it sucks. It hits the sides of your legs.
You should buy one for a friend or reletive, for a holiday, then find out for yourself.

They arent that bad. Change the cranks and seat and you got a great freestyle uni. Not fantastic, but still great.

The worst part is that the frame can break after a lot of abuse. But upgrading to a better frame is way cheap, so, it doesnt matter too much.

It all depends on what you want. Id just go for Nimbus just cause its there. Probably end up switching the frame out though.

I’ll tell you what really sucks, I have to by my freestyle X nimbus from NZ, they don’t stock them in Aus… :frowning:

Even 114s feel quite a bit too long for me…89mms are a bit shorter than I would like, however. I’m thinking of making some non-standard 96mms or so, and some really short ones for distance.

I have a bunch of real unicycles that are older than you, and none of them are splined. For Freestyle, splined probably isn’t a hindrance, but you can definitely live without it.

That said, go with the frame shape that works for you. If you don’t know what works for you, pick one you like the look of or get good advice on.

For crank length, sounds like you are in the beginning stages so those 90mm cranks will probably be annoying. They work best for indoors or riding on smooth surfaces. Keep them for the future and try some 110s, 114s or 125s. Cranks are measured in millimeters. If you want to know what that is in inches, use the internet for conversions.

I originally learned Freestyle on a 24" wheel, but 20" is better for small stages and many tricks. I started with 125mm cranks, but now I use 114. 110 is too short for me, but that depends on your riding style. I don’t recommend 125 because your pedals will hit the floor too much.