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i’m looking into getting a new freestyle unicycle, because i’m going into college in august my funds are limited, any reccomendations for models

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that’s the best freestyle unicycle with an alu frame

i live in the US, is there a way i can get that here?

recommanded poster,

Suggesting the single most expensive freestyle unicycle ever produced to someone who has stated that they have a limited funds is interesting advice.

The US has a lot of good reasonably priced freestyle unicycles and I would just have a good look at the site and you should get a good clue as to what is available and at what price. I understand that Torker have several models that are good value for money but I can not suggest a particular model.


hmm… Roger, don’t make stuff up.

You have a legitimate message until the last part. Unfortunately, for people like myself and this guy, we’re on a unicycling forum to get some good advice. I’ve riden around to about 4 bike shops and from my impression of the catalogs, the Torker CX looked like the best one, at the best price. Unfortunately at the last bike shop I went to, I had the worst encounter with a one wheeled contraption that I’ve ever had. It was a Torker CX and I descovered it was the most uncomfortable hideous piece of trash I have ever sat on. And you can quote me on that, because I’ll call it “trash” again, before I call it a unicycle.

But I’ve got to say the CX is the beginners model. Granted, I personally wouldn’t spend money on the LX, but Torker does make very respectable unicycles with those exceptions.

The torker LX is a good started Freestyle and you cant beat the price.


What did I make up?

The only fact I gave was that the Koxx Signature Freestyle unicycle is the most expensive freestyle unicycle produced. This is true as far as I can tell; and I do have a little experience in this area. I should I suppose clarify that we are talking about mass produced models here not bespoke, but still.

I am in the UK. I do not have any direct experence of the Torkers other that what I have seen when travelling which is why I said I can not recommend models. I can only take second hand advice on this; which is that they are generally good value.


The CX is a childrens uni, LX is a leaners, DX is a deluxe, TX is tall.

CX is the very basic of a uni, mainly used by little kids.

LX, is a very nice uni, great for freestyle stuff, nice price, very durable.

DX, its a trials, street, Muni beast, very strong, a little heavy, and with the new 2007 model, is one of the best for such a low price for a splined set-up.

TX, its a giraffe, street performers get the most out of it, otherwise you will get bored of it, unless you have a good use for one.

If you are gonna chose a Torker uni for a freestyle uni, get the LX.

any other reccomendation than the torkers? I have nothing agains torker, my uni now is one but it’s a rounded frame which isnt as good for freestyle.

How much do you want to spend?
The torker lx you can get for about $70 from ebay and would be the best thing you can get for that little money. You say limited funds so how limited are they?

when i say limited i’m talking about spending 200

Koxx has some good freestyle unis, check out their site, alos look around on UDC, but the torkers are great, the LX has a flat frame, which is good for your foot on frame, stand up tricks, or look into a nimbus.

I have a 20" Nimbus X that I got about 6 months ago, and would definitely recommend it as a sub $200 freestyle uni. I think they’re running around $160 or so. If you really want to be picky, the crown is a little high over the tire, but I haven’t found it to be a problem for anything. My brother has a 24" Nimbus II which is really nice to ride also, so I’d assume the 20" version would be nice as well. I think the 20" Nimbus II is slightly cheaper than the X by $10 or $20. I prefer the narrower crown of the X, less bumped knees, and you can still squeeze a 2.25" tire on without rubbing if you want more meat. I can’t say for certain since I’ve never tried, but I believe you can fit a trials wheel set in the Nimbes II frame if that’s something you might consider for the future. Hope this helps.


Koxx-one makes two other freestyle unis, the slicky 20" and the free tricks.
I’m pretty sure theyre both great unis, but there a bit pricey. the slicky is $230? and the free tricks is $340? You can look at them on

the torker LX is a great uni and seems very solid to me when I ride my friends, but you will probably want to put some griptape on the crown, because it’s slippery.

also, is it possible to get the Koxx-One signature uni in the US?

I just looked at the koxx slicky 20, it goes for 160 usd (which is the currency i am using) but it said “Jumps not recommended” that’s straight from renegade juggling, i intend on doing jumps with it of course, I’m now looking at the Nimbus x, Nimbus II, and Torker unistar lx. pretty much everyone has reccomended the LX so i’m leaning twords that because not only has everyone recommended it but it’s the cheapest, is there any preference out of these 3 unicycles?

I’d pick the LX over the others for three reasons:

  1. The frame is low to the wheel and wide, giving a perfect spot to put your foot during 1 footed tricks. In my opinion it is the best freestyle frame out of those three unicycles.
  2. The seat on the LX is a good size and shape for freestyle riding. Those other unicycles come with KH style saddles, which I think are way too bulky.
  3. Dirt cheap.

However, if you can find a way to get ahold of a Koxx freestyle unicycle for an affordable price, I’d say get that instead.

The only reason it sais no jumps is because it’s cottorless. If you plan on doing jumps you should get a trials unicycle. the slicky is probably better than the torker just by judging who makes it.

alright that sounds pretty good, will a koxx uni do fine with drops, the only reason i ask is that i saw on renegade juggling that they dont reccomend jumps

alright, thanks

not recommending jumps is good advice, because it’s a freestyle uni, not a trials or MUni. It should still hold up to little stuff, and with easily hold up to hopping, just don’t go off like a 5 foot drop if you value your uni.