freestyle uni plans-any good?

I want to make/buy a freestyle uni, and was wondering if these parts would work well.

nimbus gel seat,
KH seatpost,
Koxx signature frame,
Odyssey 7ka rim,
maxxis hookworm tire,
koxx splined 110mm hub and cranks,
torker LX plastic pedals.

I know the signature frame is semi overkill/expensive, but all the other freestyle frames I’ve seen have really high tire clearence issues or aren’t long neck.

I’ll post links if anyone wants but right now I’m too lazy :sunglasses:

Why not just steal Spencers uni?? Looks good but honestly id ditch the 7k and the Koxx splined setup and just go for a chaeper double wall rim(like the Try-all) and a cotterless hub. Unless of course you plan on doing Street on it, Then to me your plan looks great.

But whick are you gonna get first, the Muni or the Freestyle?

I’ve been thinking about that. I think I’ll wait a bit and get the muni a few months before next MOAB, so that I’ll fit on it better. also, My trials uni has been working for muni so far, and I want to learn freestyle stuff now, like seat on side idleing, spins, and just general freestyle stuff. I’ll be using it for street to, but I’m not sure to what extent right now.

also, didn’t someone break the tryall rim by doing just freestyle on it?

and I want to do hand gliding and stuff like that.

The Koxx one rider who did break his was doing alot of flatland on his aswell…And he wasnt exactly being easy on it. Plus i didnt say you had to get the Try-all, it was just a suggestion.

On a side note, have you everacctually ridden a 24" Muni? You may be a little to short.(No offence.)

Get a semcycle long neck frame. Don’t get a try-all rim.

yeah its hard to find a good freestyle frame.

When i bought my wyganowski frame from, they had a much better range of freestyle parts (this was back in october 04). Now Most of their frames are mediocre at best for freestyle.

im just curious, what makes a GOOD freestyle frame?

I’m pretty sure low tire clearencer and a long neck + lightness

edit: I can fit on a KH muni with a gazz. barely :slight_smile:

double edit: where can I see pics of the semcycle long neck frame?

well most of it is in the design, but then theres also strength of the frame and weight of the frame.

firstly you need to have a square crown, which is suitable for resting your feet on as this is the basis for a large amount of riding skills. You should also be able to stand up on the forks comfortably in a stable position.

secondly you want the frame to have minimal clearance around the tyre, both over the top and down the sides. Not only does this reduce the chance of you knocking yourself on the frame when you stack it, more importantly it provides a lower point of leverage, which gives you better control. If there is too much clearance it makes tricks such as coasting much harder to balance. Also it makes it near impossible to glide with your gliding foot resting on the fork, making stand up gliding out of the question.

Also you want the frame to have a long neck, covering most of the seatpost. This makes it almost impossible to bend the seat post, as only a few inches of it are protruding (depending on whether you change the seat height). Also this positions the seat post clamp (which is preferably the type that needs an alan key) under the seat where it can’t catch your leg.

on its very hard to find a frame that has all of these features. There are some that have nice crown designs, but the frame cuts off about 15cm above the crown. Also most of the frames (such as the Yuni) have about 5cm clearance over the top of the tyre.

if you look around there, they really dont have any really good quality frames, compared to the large amount of trials frames they have on the market.

Out of the ones they have, this one is probably my favourite, although its hard to tell how much tyre clearance it has.

there are some very very nice frames on the miyata japan retailer, that ive been drooling over tonight. The large range of freestyle frames is obviously due to the huge base that the sport has in japan, which isnt so much the case in US and UK (and australia for that matter)

so would the sig frame be really good then?

yeah i am probably going to get a miyata, specifically the custom fork unin pro performer, because of the lack of good freestyle ond UDC and the U.S. in general, also it is fairly affordable


yeah the koxx signature frame looks quite nice. Thats the one made of aluminium right? Which would make it lightweight and easy to manouvere during tricks. From the pictures ive seen (which is just the ones on kox website) it hugs the tyre quite nicely and the forks look quite nice, although i would be not used to that style of forks (the rounded bar type) although they look very grippy and stable.

theres a pic of the miyata, it’s like 350 or something in us and that’s the whole uni. shipping to Maine was around 45, heres a link for the uni

alright the picture didnt work but you cans ee by looking at the link

hehe, 40600 yen:)

it looks pretty nice though.

yeah i like the looks of it and it’s a lot cheaper than the sig where you only get the frame for 223 or something around that, also can you even get the sig over in the us?

shipping from canadialand

ahhhh, where in canada

I don’t know, the division8 place.