freestyle uni plans-any good?

would the koxx-one signature frame be worth $230? or would I be better of getting the free tricks frame or a different one?

Why not go with the Nimbus X longneck? Nimbus is pretty well known for having strong frames, and this one is only $45 (and it’s here in the US, so you won’t be paying high s&h costs)

that wheelset is overkill, it’s also way to heavy for freestyle. If you want to do street on it the get a different frame. Also that frame has 40mm machined bearing housings and the koxx hub has 42mm bearings.

in all the pics on UDC the nimbus longneck frame has tons of tire clearence. that’s why I didn’t like it.

hmm, what would be a good, strong/light freestyle rim and hubs and cranks? I really don’t know jack about square taper hubs and cranks, what does everyone recommend?

I wasn’t aware that a couple of centimeters of clearance would affect your riding so dramatically :roll_eyes:

It makes a huge differance to stand-up tricks.

just get a whole freestyle uni

you can get the semcycle long neck frame from thats were i got my freestyle. I dont think its too expensive, and its a great frame.

um, I couldn’t find it:(

then you didnt look hard enough :roll_eyes:

(you had to click equipment on the left side from the main page.)

ok, thanks. is it steel?

how much clearance does the semcycle frame have over the tyre?

My (fairly old one) has a huge amount of clearance above the tyre and hardly any at the sides. The newer ones still seem to have a lot of clearance above the tyre and more at the sides

dam. its so hard to find a frame that hugs the tyre nicely. So glad i bought my wyganowski while they still had them :smiley:

What about a Koxx pink lady. There were a couple at unicon and they looked pretty funky.

hmm, how does this wheelset look?

also what would be a better frame, the koxx free tricks frame, or the koxx sig frame?

also, for that japanese uni, can you tell them exactly how high you want the seat stem and tire clearence and they build it?

the unicycle i ordered didn’t allow me to custom make it, but the titanium one that costs a lot more lets you