Found a 20" Ultimate Wheel, maybe

So, this is a bit of a stretch, but here goes. I found one last place that ‘seems’ to have them. Everywhere else I’ve contacted, even if the site lists one, says they’re actually out of stock. But, this store that only ships within Finland says they still have one!

However, they confirmed that they won’t ship to me as I’m not in Finland. So, any unicyclist in Finland up for checking on this for me and seeing if they’ll actually ship one to them? If so, and if you can get one, let me know what you’d charge me for your time to do that, and to ship it to me. I’d be happy to pay you.

Thanks for reading!

There is this one in B.C. Canada:

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I cannot figure out for the life of me how an ultimate wheel is functionally different from a regular uni wheel with no frame and seat attached.

Is it pedal distance to wheel? Like an advantage to skipping the cranks?

Wow, thank you! I did not see that one. If I search for “ultimate wheel” it does not show up, but if I search for “ultimate wheel,” including the comma then it does. I don’t think I ever would have seen that one. Thank you so much! Even if it doesn’t work out, nice find!

Oh yeah, for sure, definitely, huge q-factor difference! To me they are totally different things! I can ride the disk style ultimate wheels. But I have not succeeded on cranky ones yet.

Consider your leverage points (the pedals) and your pivot point (the ground contact spot). In 2D, front-to-back, it would all seem the same maybe. But now consider the other plane, the side-to-side balance. The pedals are now much further away from center. You’ve seriously changed the whole equation of how much of your pedal forces go into forward rotation vs wobbling the wheel to the side.


Ah, yeah. That makes a lot of sense. Thanks for taking the time to explain it :smiley:

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