Forum vs facebook

I am wondering how Facebook varies from this forum and if it is worth taking the time and effort to learn facebook? Being a baby boomer I’m a little reluctant to spend what little ‘tech savy’ I have on Facebook with out some advice on its merits. The brief time I spent looking at Facebook all I managed to see was one long wide ranging chat. I would assume there is more to it but it was not apparent. I throughly enjoy this forum’s format and am really pleased and surprised at the abundance of mature members.
I know I could spend time on Facebook to see for myself what it offers. I suppose I’m being lazy but I also don t need to encourage more Internet clutter into my life unless it has a worthwhile upside.

Here is a link to a recent forum discussion thread on the topic, entitled “How can we get the Facebook “Unicycle Chat” crowd back on here?”

I am tech savvy and post to both. I am a generation younger than you, but I still prefer the forum. There’s more of a history here. On Facebook everyone asks the same question over and over again because the collective memory is exactly two days. Here people tend to have deeper conversations.

I’m young & comfortable with technology, but I avoid Facebook like the plague.

Thankyou for the replies. They confirmed what I sort of suspected.

I am a baby-boomer (though comfortable with technology -this was my job-) … and I avoid Facebook like the plague too:(

Like! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s difficult/impossible to search.
There are way too many people trying to validate their existences… “LOOK AT ME!! LOOK AT ME!!”
Most questions should be answered with “Go search the forums.”

Basically, a social network and a forum are different.

I deleted my Facebook for various reasons, but I stopped using the Facebook group long beforehand because it seemed to almost entirely be about street, flat, and trials. It got a little bit old for me, mostly because I don’t partake in those sports. Sometimes the videos posted were good, and I found that there were more female riders on the Facebook group. However, neither of these facts was convincing enough to keep me there.

The forums at least have a search engine, are varied in sports, and still have the ability to post pictures and videos without blowing up someone’s Facebook feed (I’m very very guilty of that). :smiley:

It is beneficial for me to be able to see the Facebook pages of certain manufacturers (e.g., Mad4One) so that I can see the product descriptions and photos in better detail. But you don’t need a Facebook account for that.

That’s my opinion about the Facebook unicycle group :grinning:

Regarding Facebook in general, it will suck away your time, your social skills, and your soul, all the while disguising itself as the cool thing to do.

Might be exaggerating, but unless you want to find old friends from high school or keep in touch with distant family, it’s a waste of time, IMO.

> Most questions should be answered with “Go search the forums.”


I wonder what answer you’d get if you posed this question on the FB group? We seem to be mostly old men here, whilst the demographic on FB is different.

Despite being an old man myself and so inherently biased, I would agree that this forum is much better. I do actually use FB a lot - probably a lot more than most regulars on these forums - and belong to plenty of other groups on there which I find useful. But for all the reasons mentioned above, unicycle chat doesn’t work anywhere near as well as this forum. Of course for those demographics who are into FB and not forums none of that matters.

BTW, that applies to this site as well.