forrest rowell

hey my mom said shell buy me a freestyle uni. which do you think is the best one for like 300? and dont ask about the title.

Forrest Rowell doesn’t use freestyle uni’s…

Sure I do!


Why is this addressed to Forrest?

GG N00b.

EDIT: Oh, sorry, I asked about the title. From what I hear the Nimbus X is an excellent freestyle unicycle. I have the Nimbus Hoppley which is more for trials, but the frame is a Nimbus II, which I believe is similar to that (if not the same as) on the Nimbus X, and it’s a great frame; very strong.

BTW, whereabouts in Florida do you live?

Because he’s so cool, obviously!

Ok fine, here’s Forrest Rowell’s expert opinion on freestyle unicyles: A lot of freestyle stuff is over-rated. You can go all out and get all the fancy equitment, expensive frame, etc. but it’s not going to make a huge difference or anything. Without having actually riden any of the freestlye unicycles on UDC, I think the Nimbus X looks great. The frame might not be super strong or anything, but heck, if you don’t break frames anyway why does that matter?

I call BS.

Errr… Sorry but that’s wrong.

Nimbus X Frame (Light and small and weak)

Nimbus II (Heavy and big and strong)

They’re completely different :P. The Nimbus II can take tyres up to 3" and the X only to 2.1".

The Nimbus II frame is designed for trials and street. Not freestyle.
The Nimbus X frame is designed for freestyle. Not trials.

Please don’t buy a Numbus II frame for a freestyle unicycle, it would be tragic.

burjzyntski, no doubt it was an honest mistake but please ensure that you check your information: is always there to look at so there’s no excuse :).


Thank everyone for their help and advice, then buy what you want. I’ve broken two or three frames doing Freestyle over the years. In those days there wasn’t such thing as a “Freestyle” frame, they were just unicycle frames. A stronger frame is better for Freestyle than a weaker one, long as it doesn’t get in your way. So it depends on your level and your size. If you’re doing lots of stand-up tricks the Nimbus II frame might even work better for you. If you’re doing “frame walk” (the trick that broke one of my Miyata frames) you’ll probably do better with the Nimbus II as well. If you’re not real tall, the narrower Nimbus X might be a better fit though.

Having ridden both the Nimbus X and the Torker LX 20" I would say the frame on the torker is much much more useful, its got low clearance and wide foot room. The LX is an amazing freestyle uni, the people that complain about it breaking are the ones who use it like a street or trials unicycle.

yeah the torker lx looks nice and cheap for freestyle… people complain about the saddle… but heck just buy a myata… or replace the seatpost and get a kh or sommit.

looking at the unicycle forestunifreak linked to it has the new
Nimbus X CroMo Frame


'bout time jonny… you’ve been riding freestyle on that non-splined thing for too long.

i agree you should just get an LX. they are as good as any, and it’s cheap!


Yeah it is… But the frame foot support on the LX frame isn’t very good… at least, not for me. Besides, the new Nimbus X isn’t all that much more expensive’, at like $175

And Brendan, the LX and Miyata seats are very very much alike, except the Miyata seats have been out of stock for a long time.

forrest rowell doesnt unicycle

of course not
he just jumps and flips and trips us all out

I have a Torker LX 20" for my freestyle