For those about to Drop.........We saluuuuuute you!

(now picture big cannon noise)


Not for the first time, and not for the last, I’m humbled. We are not worthy.

(Well, I’m not, anyway.)

Just make sure it’s not loaded first… :smiley:

At what point did you first get on the Uni? Was it right where the picture shows, did you hop up on the barrel first, etc.?

I never was able to get right from the ground onto the barrel (via the base)
I was quite tired, and it was close, so I’m positive it is do-able (by me, next time).

I did mount on top of the barrell, although right at the other end, and rode along it.

Probably the best use that cannon has ever been put to. Nice shot! (Think flowers, Kent State. If only we could get the Navy to convert the Ronald Reagan to a trials course. THAT, I’d pay 50 bazillion dollars in taxes for! :wink: )

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

watch out, they may hold you to that number! that would ruin your credit rating pretty fast…

They say they’re taking 'er out for sea trials! That would be tough. Land on that sandwichboard…after the 30 ft swells pass!

Great pic.

After you master your cannon come on out to Seattle and muster the cannon balls to try this one. I’ll hold the camera.

uni122202 006cropped.jpg

Damn! I should have been juggling cannon balls!

An aircraft carrier? Sounds like a pretty boring Trials course to me. An old battleship should make for much more interesting terrain…

You want a dedicated unicycling aircraft carrier? Look no further! HMS Vengeance is up for sale…


Ah! so thats were your student loan went to then Phil!! :stuck_out_tongue:


$4.5 Mill is not too bad. Its the moorage that breaks you.