For the love of

Wow, I gotta hand it to the super guys & gals at UDC! Check out this email they just sent me - with no asking any questions or anything (definitely a good thing) and no money envolved! I think I’ve figured out the whole Santa thing - his name is John Drummond! :smiley:


        We are going to send you a Nimbus Long neck frame that we have just received and put on the site.  We are having trouble getting more of the Semcycle frames and want you to try this one.  Let us know how you like it.  

Best Regards,

Your team[/B]

coolness. those people for A and B of the C of D. No foolin’.

Heyyy, I want something free!

Thats nice of them.


That’s pretty awesome. Actually come to think of it, all the unicycle suppliers are totally awesome.

Actually, to revise again, unicyclists in general are a pretty great group of people.

I love you guys! tear of sappiness


me too!
you’re all my bestesty freinds!
now you’ve got me crying too… in sappiness…

THats tight man, tell em how it works, maybe you can be there lil product tester… IL test any trials unicycles they have…lol…

I sure will tell them how it works! That’d be neat to test their stuff like that - I don’t even care if I get sponsorships or anything, that’d just be so much fun! - If you’re reading this, then no I’m not begging for a sponsorship like I’m sure gallons of people do. Not saying I’m refusing it, though…:wink: :slight_smile:

Can we start a pool on wether the tire is going to be closer to one side of the frame?

Lol…I’d vote no. I do think it was the frame because I measured the legs and one was a hair shorter. Or shall I be an optimist and say a hair longer? Or shall I be an engineer and say both legs are longer than they should be, and we should conserve the metal and make the frame 1/16 of an inch away from the tire? :wink:

Man, my eye has really been twitchy tonight - I’ve winked a lot in this thread.

your humor is allmost as bad as your riding.

I wAnNa FrEe FrAmE !!!

your gift dictates that the Sem frame sould be given to away to someone free of charge…someone who has scissors and a aluminum can.

Hmmm, You wouldn’t happen to have someone particular in mind, would you jagur? :stuck_out_tongue:

Previous experience with making and using a shim not required, but could help :wink:

No, ive had one before…i mean somone who hasnt had a nice frame like that sould get it.

Ah yeah, this is true.

/me raises hand.

i’d love a good freestyle frame. the gb4 trials isn’t to hot for freestyle. and i’m probably going to grab a torker lx after xmas, but i’d prefer a better uni.

Tyler, I know you want to have perfect equipment and all but did you atleast try the aluminum can shim?

Nope, I didn’t even have time because just sent this great frame before I had a chance. That’s fine with me, though! :slight_smile:

Sorry, but I do have to send it back to UDC.

Evan, please leave your insults out of this thread. Thanks. :slight_smile:

like free torker unicycles??