[For Sale] Very Unique Uniskate Vehicle

We call this a uniskate for lack of a better term. It is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Unlike the LeRun skate bikes that have the skateboard truck in the front and are chain driven, this vehicle has the skateboard truck in the back and the drive is direct like a unicycle. The uniskate has a 20" wheel and brakes and overall is decent shape. It is a real attention getter at club meetings and parades and is quite popular with children.

Add it to your unicycle collection for $60.00 plus shipping. Call or email us anytime.
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does it coast?

Nope. If you look at it closely, it’s basically a unicycle that has a back end built onto it. I don’t think it’s home built. It looks very much like a factory made unit. The fellow we bought it from said he had parts for one more in his attic. Other than that, I’ve never heard of or seen anything like them.


ill give you 50$ canadian and pay for shipping, or, i could trade you something for it maybe? i have a brand new gazzolodi that ive never used ( 24"x3.0) should cover this uni.


bc wheel

do you still have the whole bc wheel? if so how much and can i see a pic?


We have a homemade ultimate wheel that we’ll probably sell but I haven’t mentioned it anywhere yet. We don’t have a BC wheel.


Now that you mention it, is that thing easy to ride as a unicycle?
Can you start of with the skate wheels on the ground and lift them up and ride off, or will they flap around and screw-up your balance.
I remember following the thread where you were trying to figure out what make it was, but it never struck me then that it could be a handy ‘training’ unicycle?


It is possible to ride with the back wheels up in the air but as you guessed, they tend to throw off the balance some by flopping around a bit. It does take some extra skill to handle the thing. When riding it with wheels on the ground, it takes some effort to turn the think as there is little turning from the back end. Quite fun actually.

The easiest way to ride it is with the rear wheels in the front when you can sort of pull the wheels up towards your lap. Then it rides the most like a normal unicycle.

If you notice the two steps on the back frame, kids love to prop a foot up on a step and zoom across the floor propelled by pushing with their other foot.