for sale................Twenty-Niner unicycle

i’ll be selling my SH 29er now.

its a great uni and with a new thicker seat tube,its even more stout.ive used this uni for months and even took it to the 2003 Cali-MUni week-end where it performed wonderful but a little to fast to be stuck behind a pack puny 20 inch unicycle riders so try to avoid that…stay in front on a 29… :sunglasses:

why am i selling it,you ask? well ive got my new KH24 and im pretty much just riding that and if i need to go faster or farther than it can take me,i just jump on the 2 wheeled 27 spd.

since ive always felt that a seat,seat post and crank arms are personalizied items,ive decided to once agian sell a uni without those parts.

a word of caution,this is a high-end unicycle.not just a stock unicycle.i want the buyer to be a person that knows how to respect this fine machine.a person who will make sure that it doesnt get trashed from user neglect or lack of other words,dont buy this uni if you have never seen it before or dont work on your own stuff.its my worst nightmare to think of this uni ending up getting poked and prodded by some loser bike shop employee trying to figure out how to get the crown apart to swap a tube…you guys know what i mean,this 29er is art in motion.

i think this uni will be most enjoyed by someone who is into commuting,distance riding and trail is built to withstand drops of 3 feet but only if you know how to land…it could easily take 1 or 2 foot drops all day long,just dont land sidways.

vital stats:

  1. 29 inch SH frame (will fit the Schwallbe tyre)
  2. 48 splined SH hub
  3. 138.5 Shimano LX cranks
  4. 14/15 black DT spokes
  5. Sun Rhyno-lite rim
  6. real 29er tube
  7. Velox rim tape…YEAH!
  8. WTB MotoRapter (90% tread still left)

the brake in the photo isnt included it belongs to Frank A.

$365 no shipping fee


Aww man, I wish I had some money. I’d really love that thing. I could really use a commuter uni! Especially a Steve Howard original. Oh well. Some day.

Such a sweet looking uni! If I had the money and DIDN’T have a broken leg that’d be very tempting. anyways Cheers to the person who gets it!

is the price any bit negotiable even though that is quite a deal?

sure,how does $400 sound? :wink:

really though,what do you got?

i might think about trade…anyone got a Thompson 27.2 seat post or a Wilder rail bracket? pedals? etc.

Im still considering i i really want this or not(right now because weather is cruddy and I wouldnt be able to use it much)But if i do make a final decision the highest i could offer is 300 USD
I know its not much but really im just a kid so…


  1. what exactly is “trail jamming”?

  2. how’s it do off roading?

  3. what’s the id of the seat tube?


What do you mean? This is BEAUTIFUL weather for unicycling! Especially for a larger wheel, because you’re up above the snow. That’s why I’d love to have it for commuting right now.

Re: for sale…Twenty-Niner unicycle

Jagur: Great looking ride. Question: You said that the SH-Uni would be sold w/o crank arms, but then you noted that it has 138.5 Shimano LX cranks. And, the picture shows cranks. Does it come with Cranks?

I am guessing you meant, no pedals. Am I right? Thanks in advance for your response. I have some great Frank A. Wellgo pedals for that 29er :D, sorry Frank, I couldn’t resist. --chirokid–

Re: Re: for sale…Twenty-Niner unicycle

your right,duh…i meant NO does come with the LX cranks pictured

Re: Re: for sale…Twenty-Niner unicycle

I had the same question, and one more. What? No Harper hub?
I wish I had a place to use it, but at this point it would only deprive the other two of their rightful share of the dust that they’ve been collecting. I’m sure it’ll go quick.

Please, some one in Hawaii buy this thing! It’s such a nice piece of work. I’d get it, but a 29er is second on my list next to a MUni. I want to see, and ride it. But I don’t think I can buy it.


what number on your list would it be if sold it to you for $250 +ship.?

i would love to send something to Hawaii for a change.i also told SH that i thought it would be cool to send one of his uni’s to a place they had never been.

MUni in Hawaii…Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet.

You don’t have a MUni weekend planned anytime soon. By soon, I mean AFTER I win the upcoming Tennessee Lottery. (Hey Chirokid, they’re launching with three $1 million winners in the scratch-off…We could carpool!)

When you win a million, would you still know me? :smiley:
You distant COUSIN, --chirokid–

PS: To keep on topic, I can hardly believe this 29er is still waiting for a home. Maybe TN is in it’s future…?

If it’s still around in a few months, I’ll buy it. I doubt it will last that long, though. I can’t believe no one has made an offer yet.

the 29er isnt going to Hawaii so its still looking for a new home.


Jagur, you have a PM. Let’s talk! --chirokid–

i also need a Magura brake for my KH24.steel brake line would be a plus.

Jagur and I have worked out a deal, so --chirokid-- (me) will be the new owner of the Super SHJag 29er. :smiley:

Any recommendations on the pedals I should install? Congratulations will be happily accepted.

Iwill now be going outside to begin my watch for the Big Brown happy Truck! Lets see, me sending my $ to Oregon, then Jagur sending the SuperSHJag29er back to me, I better take some snacks and a sleeping bag out with me. --chirokid–