for sale................Twenty-Niner unicycle

Pedal suggestions are either the Atom Lab Aircorps or the Shimano MX30’s. You can find the Shimano pedals for under $50 on eBay and other online shops. That’s quite a deal for the Shimano pedals and they are very good pedals. The Atom Lab pedals are what I’m using for my muni. As far as I’m concerned, the Atom Lab Aircorp’s are the best muni pedal available.

Congratulations will come only if you outfit that fine muni with proper pedals.

Congratulations! But I sure would have preferred for it to make the journey to Hawaii.



Looks like a nice uni, I was wondering what the difference is between a 24 inch and a 29 inch, I can ride a 24 inch right now, but it would be nice to go farther distances.

Re: question

5 inches.


In true Choroid fashion, I must congratulate you on your wonderful purchase and insist that in your present state you have it sent to my house for a thorough test. It wouldn’t be right to have something that tempting lying around the house tempting you while you try to heal. Besides it needs to go through a complete safety check to insure it won’t endanger any more of your digits.:smiley: PM me for the correct address. Chad

Thanks Daniel. I’m sure that SuperSHJag29er would have looked great in Hawaii. Come visit the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and I’ll let you take her for a ride. --chirokid–

:D:D:D Chad, you sound more and more like me everyday. At least you will get to ride her. Surely it won’t be long until we hook up for a ride.

I’m surprized Zod hasn’t offered to do an evaluation for me! I think my finger can handle a 29er, it’s just the hopping with the Muni that is a no-no.

I sent my part of the deal toward Jager’s house this morning. I can almost SEE that Big Brown Happy Truck pulling in my driveway. I can hardly wait!!! --chirokid–

Further, Faster, Higher: I might get mistaken for Superman on my new SuperSHJag29er! --chirokid–

Hey Chirokid,
Do you Mountain folk have D V D players.:wink: Send me your address, I need to send out a get well card. Something to do while you heal. Chad

ah,the thread that just wont fade…i guess i might as well post another picture :-X

Sare we’z got them thar DVD thingamajigs. I luv cards, you could’z include some casholla to help with all my doctor bills too! :smiley:

You’ve got a PM. --chirokid–

wow, thanks…

That was a very timely and accurate answer harper, thank you very much. It’s nice to know that even though you’ve taken my post off your sig line you still take time out of your day to give me sarcastic remarks, I appreciate it : )


( who now knows the difference between a 24" and a 29", which is that it makes your seat higher… so which wheel would make it just right? )

Re: wow, thanks…

leave the sarcasim to the Professionals…please…

Oh, * clears throat *, ok, sorry…

Is it sold yet???

Yeah it sold about 20 days ago.

check my signature line… I took it for it’s first ride yesterday! --chirokid–

Want to buy!

I did not understand the characteristics of your unicycle. Sorry, I am buying it for my boyfriend. He need one that is about 8 feet tall called Jiraf.
Please respond at