[For Sale] Justin Kohses Uni Garage Sale

hey everyone,

Im officially selling every unicycle part i own, so i stripped down my unicycle and now im selling the parts!

So heres everything that i got to sell!
-all prices are in CDN $$$

  1. Some bc wheel plates i made at school for just playin around on. There really strong and should hold up well, $30-http://gallery.unicyclist.com/album683/bc_plates_2

  2. Brand new 24" Gazzolodi down hill tire, i heard they dont make these anymore? so you better grab this while you can. Im asking $80 for it- http://gallery.unicyclist.com/album683/gazzolodi.

3)A pair of Primo bmx pedals, fairly used, and the right pedal has a grind plate welded to the pedal ( by mike clark). I dont know what i should charge for these cause there so beat up but i guess $25?- http://gallery.unicyclist.com/album683/grind_plate

  1. A 24" street tire. Maxxis hookworm. Really good for street riding, very slick and very nice. ive got some good use out of it so im asking $45- http://gallery.unicyclist.com/album683/hookworm

5)haha, the old green machine. Very old 24" Yuni frame. Its got a cool sticker on the side, lol, $20- http://gallery.unicyclist.com/album683/IM000162

  1. An almost brand new 24" flat crowned, red powdercoated frame. It doesnt fit a gazz but it just fits my hookworm, so it might fit a Muni tire thats around 2.6 im asking $65 for this frame, really good condition. http://gallery.unicyclist.com/album683/IM000165

  2. A 24" United chrome frame, brand new, just got it, doesnt fit what i wanted to use it for.-$20 http://gallery.unicyclist.com/album683/IM000166

  3. 1 left profile crank, the right one cracked becuase i shaved down the nub to far. this left crank is pretty used so im asking $40 http://gallery.unicyclist.com/album683/left_pro

  4. An almost new set of really nice welgo b-42’s ( i think thats what there called lol) really wide pedal and great for anything. $45 http://gallery.unicyclist.com/album683/new_peds

  5. lol, an old crummy pair of welgo pedals, i think im only going to ask $10 for these. http://gallery.unicyclist.com/album683/pedals_1

  6. Now this rim is fairly used, but its still strong, im not sure what to do with the profile hub. Im willing to sell the hub to. So i dont know if i want to sell these things as a pair or seperate. Im asking $165 for the hub and $50 for the rim, if you want the pair then im going to ask for $250.

  1. this is my reeder handle, its still in really good condition so im asking $40 for it.http://gallery.unicyclist.com/album683/reeder

  2. This is just a strong seat post clamp for 22.2mm seat post tubes. I can send this off with any of the frames for an extra $10 http://gallery.unicyclist.com/album683/seat_clamp

  3. A custom made steal seat post manufactured by darren bedford himself, very strong and its a 22.2mm seat post. not many of these around. $45 http://gallery.unicyclist.com/album683/steel_seat_post

  4. An old viscount. well fairly new, but i make things look like shit in a few days, so go figure,- $20 http://gallery.unicyclist.com/album683/viscount

Alright so thats everything on my list. We can negotiate prices through here or PM me for more details.

Justin Kohse.

p.s. I live on Vancouver island in B.C.

You pay shipping…

can i have the pedals back if you dont want them anymore?

-Primo Pedals with the grind plate are not for sale anymore

-Bc plates are SOLD

Justin, Justin, Justin… you do know that you are now chosing a lonely road. You are nothing without a unicycle. None of us are.

I wish you best of luck in the path that you have chosen.

but isin’t 40$ a bit expensive for the reeder handle? And how well does it run on a united (velo-style) saddle? Cause that’s what I’m running right now and I beleive that’s what you had on yours so you should be able to tell me if there’s mad flexing or not…

i havent rode in like 2 weeks straight, im working to much. I know the path ive chosen.

i used my reeder for my viscount, but theres nothing wrong with it. and its like 40 american for one.

Also, is it a right-handed viscount? Cause I tried Kevin’s at Toque and the handle kept comming off cause it was a left handed one or something.

hmmm I guess I’ll have to think about it… I’m really cheap when it comes to unicycle parts… I try to make-do with what I have and whatnot…

so justin are giving up the uni???


no im not quitting just saving up for a new one.


come on guys lots of great stuff here!


if your prices are in Candian…then i could send you $20 American and that would cover shipping for the Green Monster 24" Frame right? i live in the state of Oregon…Zip code 97301

does it come with the bearing caps?

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where have i heard. (we have cookies)

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where have i heard. (we have cookies)

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where have i heard. (we have cookies)

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where have i heard. (we have cookies)

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where have i heard. (we have cookies)

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woops that was a lag

hub is SOLD

Re: alright…

forget it slacker. if it takes this long to get an answer i dont want to know how long it would take for you to send it.