(FOR SALE) - First generation KH hub/crank set.

Okay I am selling my '03 KH hub and crank set. I decided to make another thread because I felt like it and I have pics this time. Again no bends or cracks just a little surface rust. I’m thinking $100 - $110, with negotiability. Feel free to ask questions.

Pics are here: http://gallery.unicyclist.com/album635


hub 2.jpg

im interessted you want 100$ CAN.? :thinking:

i paid $90 or so US for a KH 2004 set a little while ago.

Are you saying $100 is reasonable or no. I’d sell them for cheaper but the helicoil thing costs money, and I’d like to make a reasonable profit.


Edit: $100 CAD is $80 USD.

ya im interessted in then deffinately so post some pics when the cranks are redone :slight_smile:

Still available.

Would that fit on a Torker LX?


is it just me, or does the right side of the hub look fatter than the left in the picture???

Nope, they are like that, for reasons i dont know, but yes they taper quite a bit.

man look at all that rust!

i know its mostly surface rust but jebus, you sould grease that thing if your going to ride in the rain that much.

im willing to bet the bearings are almost shot if there is rust like that on the outside alone.

Just run a wire brush over it a couple times, then put 2 coats of clear coat on the out side and that sould do it nicly

you should try what i use on most of my auto parts when they are like that. i cant remmember the name but i remember using a sacrificial annoid basicly you reverse the rust with electricity check google you should find how to make one they are really easy and usualy wonrk fairly well :slight_smile:

$60, is the new price. The rust really isn’t a issue. If you care that much i’ll remove it otherwise I won’t.


Is that $60US or $60CAD?



Which is how much US?

Both? I’m not sure what you are talking about but, the price is $60 Canadian for the whole set.


How much does it cost in USD

$49.71, so we’ll say $50.