{for sale] BC wheel

ok, straight cash… im looking for 140.00 plus ship (probobly $20. if its more i will pay the rest,if its less i will toss your change in the box with it.)

if you want to bring that price down im looking for a 24 or 26 inch frame, 22.2 seat post, a seat, Thomson 25.4 seat post, Nintendo DS games or acessories,Atom Lab Pedals,Salsa Flip-Loc seat collar,UPD T-shirt, anything Godzilla or anything that you think i may want…try me.


very interested check PM

if you were “very interested” i would think to have heard back from you by now :sunglasses:

64 and u want ds games ?

Maxisback, jagur mentioned on an earlier post that he likes to lie about his age rather than just choose to not display it, I’m sure he was 92 a while back. Having said that, he looks about 40 on defect and yes he does want DS games.

You might hear from me…

i’ll keep my ears pealed.

How much for just the plates?

oh i dont know, 75+5 for shipping.

Kinda seems high but they were 85 bucks plus 10 bucks more in shipping for me to get them. plus then i would have a wheel sitting around with no plates.

i no longer need a Salsa Flip-Loc. i found one.

i am still looking for the other mentioned parts in the first post or cash.

no one has any trade?

there a killer BC wheel just sitting in the corner here waiting for a desent offer.

$120 and a shiny trinkit could get this!

I have a friend who really wants one with long plates. I’ll see how much he’ll pay for one (he has ds games, too. ;)). I’m pretty sure that he’ll buy it if he sees it.

sweeate! :stuck_out_tongue:

i have 4 ds games, with 4, how much cash would you want?

great, show him this thread.

depends on what games they are.

ive got

super mario 64
advance wars
feel the magic
under the knife

i dont need feel the magic but the other 3 i would like. do you have the case and the manuals for those other three?

dibs, bitch

there is no “dibs” hear, i am the one selling and will sell to what ever deal offered that i find most pleasing…

DS games are one of the things i am hoping for and i’m waiting for a reply about them from unign.