[For Sale] BC plates

I have Ntappins nice new ABC plates for sale, they are drilled for a 3/8 inch axle so are perfect for beginners just using a bmx wheel they have lying around otherwise you would have to make the hole bigger.

As for price I am looking for 20 dollars Canadian for them and I am willing to send them anywhere on earth as long as you don’t mind paying shipping.

here are some pictures of them and if you would like more pictures or info just let me know.


what are they made of? how much of a beating do you think they will take?

I believe they are made out of aluminum, however they seem to be really strong, when I bought the metal I asked the guy that was helping me if I could strength test them and he let me do whatever I could to bend them. I jumped on them, balanced on them and threw them around putting all my weight on one plate at a time. I may not weigh a ton but I still gave them quite a beating and all I got out of it was a few scratches.

They are about 7mm thick and due to their shape are a bit stronger than the triangular shaped ones.

O and they weigh 3 pounds together.

ok when i get my wheel ill get some off ya.

Don’t use a 3/8 axle on a BC!!!

Yeah I know but that is the size of my drill bit and the size of what I had in my garage and it’s why I advised that people may want to drill a bigger hole

hey um i’ve wanted to try a bc weel but i don’t really know how hard it would be but seeing as its only 20 bucks and i live so close to you would you mind paying shipping? pm me please

hey, i might be interested. i might like a pair.

ntapin- are you a bc’er?

and anyone that is a hardcore bcer please let me know if these look like good plates.

I doubt anyone can tell you how strong they are from a picture. I think they look cool with the design in the middle…definately redrill the hole and use a 14mm axle or it will suck.

I am still a beginner, so far I can hop occasionaly and go about 15 feet on flats and skatemount.

ok, ntappin. are you asking 20 Canadian or 20 american. i might buy a pair.

hold a pair please i need to aks my parents.

Canadian, plus shipping.

anyone know how much 20 canadian is in american $?

i think its like 17 bucks american…its not that much difference nowadays.

20.00 Cad = 17.5620 Usd

I’ll take em

pm me with which state/country you are in and I can give you a quote, also let me know how many plates you would like.

how thick is the metal? can you send me a pair without a a shole in them? because they look a little low to be hopping.

I have already drilled the holes unfortunatly, and its a quarter inch thick.

I am now willing to trade plates for a marshmallow gun (rapid fire version), a zenman, or a dreamcast with jet grind radio. If you have any of these I might be interested in paying cash for them though.