[For Sale] Basic Trials Uni, AB, Canada

19" Trials uni

Alex 32 rim, black.
Luna, slightly balding in one spot, but still some good thread left,
Norco frame, bedford style, 22.2mm, black.
CrMo seatpost, still has some good length on it.
Kris Holm seat, slight rips at the seat base, but has been glued shut. Grey/black
Brand new $15 pedals, silver.
Brand new koxx1 non-isis crankset, black.

This is still in pretty good condition, as is a pretty light trials uni.
I will let this baby go for $270CAN or $230US OBO.

All new, this would cost $450CAN + labor.
Pics on request.

Email me at DanniCormo[at]Hotmail[dot]com

do you mean the koxx square taper crankset or the koxx kind of but not really isis 10 spline crankset?

Is this just the Norco Muni witha new Crankset?

uhm yeha is this the koxx-one reinforced ISIS hubset?

anyways looks like a cool deal if ur in the US.

140s cranks not really isis 10 spline crankset. That’s the one.

This is just like a norco muni frameset, but it looks and feels like a bedford normal frame. It is square crowned.


So the cranks ARE or AREN’T splined? I’m still not sure what the answer was.

They are the ones that koxx thinks are isis, though they aren’t. So they are the Isis ones that are non-isis.

basically they are the koxx-one ISIS reinforced cranks.


iwant the hub and crank set but i’m assuming you wouldn’t sell that but i’d buy the wheel if your willing to sell it

p.s. what kh seat is it?

wait how long are the cranks? also how much would just the wheel cost?

The cranks are brand new Isis (almost isis) reinforced koxx1 140mm. The wheel is definately the nicest part on the uni, the cranks a virgin to all grinds and crankgrabs. New, they are $200 from division8, so I’d say $220 for the whole wheel (good straight spokes that are tight and the DX $50 rim). It really would be easier to sell just the whole thing, and cheaper. Pics will be up shortly!

im intrested but will not be able to buy it for a few weeks, i sent you an e-mail


Any pics yet…Im interested in the wheel.


As you can see, the hub is in perfect condition. The saddle is a little worn, but is still comfy. Spokes are all laced. The luna though is pretty worn: it is half way to becoming a slick.

$270CAD, $230US OBO
Contact me at DanniCormo[at]hotmail[dot]com for fastest response.

very interested!
PM’d you, and emailed too.

(seeming as i didn’t make it clear i’d buy the whole uni.)

ur a dick abbabible the tradeing post is suposed to be a place to bid

Nope, thats what ebay is for. :stuck_out_tongue: